Thanksgiving 2022 is around the corner, and this means hosting, cooking, and prepping for many of us. While many associates this holiday with an oven-roasted turkey, some of us are stepping away from traditional meals instead of thinking about ways to make our Thanksgiving dinner ethical and cruelty-free. If you’re with us, continue reading for some great tips and recipes.

The more profound message behind Thanksgiving

When it comes to traditions and holidays, many of us redefine or tweak them. There’s nothing wrong with actively thinking about the role of rules and the impact they may have. Just because something was done years ago doesn’t mean you have to continue with it today. Instead, think about the natural and more profound message behind these holidays and the aspects that bring you and your family joy and happiness.  Let Thanksgiving 2022 be about sharing delicious and cruelty-free food with good company. Let’s surround ourselves with our loved ones and take a moment to sit together to give thanks.

Like most holidays, Thanksgiving is also about compassion, love, and respect. By opting for a plant-based and meat-free dinner, you’re expressing your gratitude for Mother Earth, all living beings, and your health. And believe me, including all the deliciousness of your Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are some of my favourite recipes.

Ambiance and Mood

Take a moment and think about the overall feel and ambience of your family’s Thanksgiving dinners. What makes them so unique? When I think about the perfect Thanksgiving meal, I think about the beautiful Autumnal colours that come with the season. Think about the fruits and veg, seeds and nuts, and all the season’s warm colours to give your dinner the feel it deserves.

Topnotch Recipes for Thanksgiving 2022

And now, let’s talk about food.  Let’s begin with a warm and delicious starter. Nothing says Autumn better than a bowl of lentil soup. It’s healthy, cozy, Vegan and easy! This lentil soup recipe will be a hit at your dinner with only a few ingredients.

On to salads and sides: many people think salads are “summery.” I beg to differ. I often add walnuts, dried cranberries, roasted sweet potatoes and pumpkin seeds to give my salads a nice crunchy, sweet Autumn flavour.

Name one person who doesn’t love potatoes. I can’t imagine hosting a dinner without a side of potatoes. New potatoes are super easy – all you do is boil them – and they have so much taste that all you need is some olive oil, salt, and pepper. And if you want to be fancy, top with your favourite herbs and green onions. A side of mashed potatoes is also a great way to host a dinner. Another great way to impress your family and friends is to serve some of your favourite dips with freshly toasted bread.

Finally, I can’t leave you without talking about an oven-roasted cauliflower. Here’s a recipe by Jamie Oliver. You can flavour and spice as you please. And I promise you won’t have leftovers.

Who said you can’t have a fantastic meal that’s cruelty-free, healthy and delicious? Once you have the ideas, the rest is easy. For more vegan ideas for Thanksgiving 2022, check out Minimalist Baker.

Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies!

Thanksgiving 2017: How To Host The Perfect Vegan Dinner
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Thanksgiving 2017: How To Host The Perfect Vegan Dinner
Thanksgiving 2017 is around the corner. Let Thanksgiving 2017 be about sharing delicious and cruelty-free food with good company. Read to learn more!
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