When it comes to the vegan diet, I get this question: how do you make sure your lifestyle is healthy and balanced. I went vegetarian a few years before going vegan, and the reasons behind my choices were rooted in the idea that we are, in fact, what we eat. This lifestyle change had to do with living my values and showing compassion for the planet and all living beings. But I have to be honest: my body reacted to this change – in the best way possible. Before going vegan, I was like many people who thought it would be restricting or even extreme – 20 months into it, and I can’t imagine living differently. I feel more energetic and balanced, and I am happy to say that I no longer have tummy aches.

That’s not to say that there aren’t unhealthy ways of going vegan. Having fries (and I have nothing against fries) in every meal won’t give you the nutrients you need. A healthy lifestyle has essential elements that have nothing to do with a plant-based diet. Keeping hydrated, sleeping 7-8 hours, doing exercise and etc., are good ways to make sure your body and mind are in good health. That said, what we eat really matters. Over the past 20 months as a vegan, I have learned a few things about what works for my body.  You may also find them helpful.

Whole Foods

The less processed, the better. So much of the food we eat is processed with added sodium and sugar. Buy your food in bulk and make it from scratch. You’re never going to go wrong with a plate of rice and lentils followed by a salad. Or a delicious pot of chilli filled with all your favourite beans. This kind of cooking is balanced, tasty and sustainable. It’s probably the cheapest and quickest way of cooking too. You prepare one big pot to last you a few meals. Win-win if you ask me.

Fruits and Veg

A balanced vegan diet means lots of fruits and vegetables. That’s where you’ll get your nutrients and vitamins. You can also turn a bowl of salad into a nice lunch by adding some grilled tofu or beans. When I eat fruits or dates, I hardly crave sugary foods. Fruits are a healthy way of controlling cravings and packing in nutrients.

Vegan Protein

The most common question I get is about protein sources. Protein is essential, especially if you’re really active. As I have become more active, I have been more mindful of my protein intake.

Check out my blog about vegan protein sources for lots of great ideas.


Most doctors will recommend B12 for all vegetarians and vegans. I always make sure I take mine on a daily. In addition, now that I have become more intense about exercise, I have started to take supplements to help me maximize my training. But like everything else, read the labels. A lot of the conventional sources include harmful ingredients to your health. Instead, try Organic and Vegan Protein sources that will give you the boost you need without all the yucky stuff.


The most important tip to keeping a healthy lifestyle is to be consistent and balanced. Food is fuel for the body, so make sure you get all the nutrients and vitamins you need. Also, drink lots of water, get lots of sleep and move around, and I promise your body will thank you for it.

These are my tips for keeping a balanced vegan diet. On to you: comment below to share your tips.

What Does A Healthy And Balanced Vegan Diet Look Like?
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What Does A Healthy And Balanced Vegan Diet Look Like?
A balanced vegan diet means lots of fruits and vegetables. That’s where you’ll get your nutrients and vitamins. Click to learn more!
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