We’re exposed to a lot of chemicals and toxins daily. From the food we eat to the air we breathe, the products we put on our bodies and the lifestyles we lead. As a result, harmful ingredients exist all around us. But we have more control than we think. Our homes are our spaces, and it’s entirely up to us what we bring into these personal spaces and what we expose ourselves and loved ones to. With a few simple adjustments, you can begin to transition to a healthy and Green home that is good for you and the environment. Are you on board?

The Air You Breathe

First things first: air. You may not have as much control over the air quality and pollution level outside, but what you bring into your home and inhale daily is entirely up to you. Many of us rely on incense and candles to freshen the air in our homes. Unfortunately, many conventional products do NOT freshen up the atmosphere; instead, they expose you to harmful ingredients, artificial fragrances, and chemicals that are dangerous to your health and bad for the environment. Not the healthy and green home we have in mind. That doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives, though. Check out the diverse range of natural incense we’ve got. There are no funny ingredients here – good for your home, health, and the planet.

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Household Cleaning Products

What if I said that the products you often use to clean your home actually leave harmful chemicals on the counters instead? Imagine your kitchen counter for a moment. Conventional cleaning products use ingredients that put your health in danger. One of the simplest (and cheapest) ways of switching to a natural home is changing your cleaning routine. Ever thought of using vinegar and baking soda to clean your house? They do wonders. Here are tips and ideas for DIY natural cleaning recipes.

Personal Products

A green home also means a greener you. Have you ever thought about the products you use to wash your hair and skin? How about your cosmetics? Many of the soaps we use are filled with chemicals and fragrances that are harmful to our health, dry out our skin and hair, and are bad for the environment. Going old school is a simple way to avoid these toxic ingredients and transition into a more sustainable lifestyle. I’m talking about good old bar soaps – made with simple ingredients that are kind and gentle to your skin and the planet. They’re also super affordable and last ages.

What You Eat

And last but not least: food. If you want a green home, you have to begin thinking about the foods you use to fuel your body. We have to broaden our idea of a healthy and eco-friendly home to include our collective home – the planet. These changes don’t happen overnight. But what if you started with cooking more at home? Or refusing to buy pre-packaged or processed foods? How about a few items of organic produce? Replacing some of the meat and dairy with veggies and legumes? Buying locally and seasonally is also a great way to start. Think about how your food ends up on your plate, track its story and become aware of how your body responds to food.

When it comes to our personal health, our homes and personal spaces play a significant role. Think about everything you expose yourself to: from what you put into your body to your body and your environment. A more sustainable home means a healthier you.

Now on to you: any tips you want to share with us? Comment below.

4 Simple Tips To Transition To A Healthy & Green Home
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4 Simple Tips To Transition To A Healthy & Green Home
With a few simple adjustments, you can begin to transition to a healthy and Green home – one that is good to you and the environment. Are you on board?
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