Keeping my space clean and clutter-free is a priority. A clean and organized home means a calm and relaxed me. There’s no better feeling than entering a beautifully clean home. If you find yourself relating, then keep reading. As someone who truly does enjoy a tidy home, I found myself angry with the commercial cleaning products made available to us. So many of the products we all use to ‘clean’ our homes daily are filled with toxins and chemicals that cause grave danger to our health and the environment. But don’t worry; I’m here to share my favourite DIY recipes for natural cleaning products with you. I began conducting my own research with a passion for a clean home and was disgusted by chemical-based products. And today, I can proudly say my home is immaculate – I don’t mean the kind of neat with artificial scents. I mean clean and free of toxins.

What to Avoid

You seriously want to get in the habit of reading labels. This applies to anything you consume. Be it a packaged granola bar, cosmetics or cleaning products. You need to know exactly what enters your body, goes onto your skin or surrounds you. Conventional cleaning products contain chemicals and toxins harmful to you and the environment. Five of the major toxins lurking in your so-called ‘cleaning products’ are Phthalates, Perc, Triclosan, Ammonia and Sodium Hydroxide. These chemicals can seriously harm and cause danger to your livers, kidneys, brain and even your nervous system. Be sure to educate yourself to know exactly what comes into contact with you. Here’s a guide to help you learn more about these five chemicals.

Natural Cleaning Products

Let me clear up two myths about natural cleaning products: they don’t clean well enough, and the other is that they’re too expensive. Remember, I already told you how serious I am about my cleaning. And, here’s another fact: I’m a full-time student. I don’t have time or money to complicate my life. So, I look for simple ways to keep my house clean and keep the routine minimal, quick and cheap.

I rely on TWO essential ingredients to get me through my basic cleaning: white vinegar and baking soda. This is all you need for your natural cleaning products. They’re both inexpensive and absolutely harmless. When it comes to all surface cleaning, mirrors, windows, bathroom etc. I use my ‘all-purpose-cleaner’ – all you have to do is mix an equal amount of white vinegar and water. Shake it up, and use. I am personally a fan of some sort of scent, so I do use a few drops of essential oils to get the vinegary smell out. But, if you’re trying to reduce your costs, I have a quick and easy trick that works really well for you. Keep your orange or lemon peels and add them in an airtight jar with your white vinegar and leave it for a week or so. And then mix it with water.

Ingredient number two for all-natural cleaning products is good old baking soda. If the stains are tough, and if you want to do deep cleaning, then sprinkle your baking soda, spray some ‘all-purpose-cleaner,’ leave it for a few minutes, and then scrub. Great for the toilet and bathtub!

Another way I reduce my waste, keep my costs low, and make my cleaning efficient is by avoiding paper towels and disposables in general. Over the past year, I have relied entirely on E-Cloths. The LAST, and go great with any chemical-free and natural cleaning products. These babies are great for all hard surfaces such as stainless steel, enamel, ceramic, glass, tile and wood. I use them daily with some water to keep my characters clean, then toss them in the washer and reuse them again and again.

Give these natural cleaning products a try, and be sure to comment below to let me know what you think.

Happy Cleaning!