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We all want to keep our homes and counters clean. But like most things, it comes with a high price. Most of the cleaning products we use daily are loaded with toxins and chemicals. So before we begin discussing natural cleaners, let’s first understand why we urgently need to swap those off-the-counter products for natural and organic options.

Here are some of the ingredients that you find in non-organic and non-natural cleaners:

Chlorine Bleach

Primarily found in oven cleaners, drain cleaners and toilet bowl cleaners, chlorine bleach is highly corrosive and dangerous. It can cause instant health hazards like chemical burns, eye irritation and respiratory problems.


A corrosive and common ingredient found in all non-organic cleaning products. The combination of ammonia and chlorine bleach can be hazardous, causing lung and nose infections.

Subsiding Agents

While these are present in very low percentages in non-organic products, they are nonetheless highly toxic and can be cancerous.


This is regularly found in laundry detergents and cleaners, and despite its harmful effects on aquatic life, it continues to be an essential ingredient in washing machine detergents.

Natural cleaners use ingredients that can mostly be found in our kitchens. These include baking soda, vinegar, lemon juices, alcohol, essential oils, detergents and water. Natural cleaners are also economical because they use ingredients that are low in cost. In addition, they are non-toxic, which makes them much safer for you and your family. Natural cleaners are also Eco-friendly because they’re biodegradable in nature and don’t harm the environment. Another huge plus is that you can come up with your own multi-purpose and homemade product. Get started with your own stain remover for a Red Carpet Treatment and take care of those stains immediately. Get rid of the dirt and bacteria out of your carpets and make your home sparkle.

We understand if you’re too busy to make your own cleaning products. Don’t worry, though; organic and natural cleaners are there for you! One of the best brands is Mrs. Meyer’s. The company has a range of natural cleaning products made from biodegradable ingredients that are good for you and great for the environment. These products contain natural and organic ingredients, essential oils that leave your home with a mild and natural fragrance. In addition, these products are cruelty-free and organically certified. This means that you take care of your home, your health, and the planet simultaneously.

Using natural cleaners can ensure that our homes are clean – this means clean from dirt and toxins. Remember, a healthy home means a healthy you.

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