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Take a moment and picture a home that is always clean and clutter-free. We’ve all flipped through magazines admiring those minimalist designs. The beautiful empty and white look of a home seems easy to maintain. Simplicity looks so chic and modern – but more importantly, it’s a great way to turn your space into an Eco-Friendly home.

Get rid of the extras & De-clutter your space.

Have you ever thought of our attachment to things? We keep buying useless items that produce waste, harm our pockets and the environment. Well, it’s time to stop. Get rid of all your extra things. Donate some, sell the rest, and make sure you’re left with only what you really need.

Decorate naturally

Refuse to buy items that will only create a bigger mess later. Instead, decorate your home with plants (they’ll clean the air and make your space look beautiful). Want more colour? Add your favourite paintings. Don’t forget to pull back the curtains and let the sunshine through.

No plastic

Why would anyone use plastic when there’s wood, bamboo, glass or stainless steel? The toxins in plastic should be enough reason to make all of us wave goodbye forever. But the toxins aren’t only dangerous to our health – they end up in our landfills and cause serious harm to animals and the environment. If you’re still not convinced, read our previous blog on the chemicals you’ll find in plastic. But aside from the toxins, plastic looks cheap and ugly. Imagine using mason jars for your spices or legumes; or a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one. We think that looks and feels way better than a home filled with waste and toxins.

Time to buy some organic cotton

The majority of the cotton you use is grown with toxic chemicals. “According to Organic Trade Association, organic cotton is grown without toxic pesticides or fertilizers.” As a result, the environment, workers, and consumers benefit from organic cotton and its production.

There’s no need for useless objects that waste our time and money. Instead, we have to do things that take care of the Earth – our shared home. So say no to clutter, waste, plastic, chemicals or stuff. Instead, let’s welcome a different philosophy: An Eco-Friendly home means another way of living. It means living mindfully and consciously. A home is a special place – it’s where we spend quality time with those we love. So let’s take care of it together.

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