Looking to make your Eco-friendly home toxin-free? Well, we know how difficult it can be. Sometimes the hardest bit is knowing where to start. So, we invite you to join us on our journey to make our homes healthy, environmentally friendly and chemical-free. Are you in?

Truth be told, the culture we live in doesn’t always encourage a sustainable way of living. But that can no longer be an excuse. Instead, we’re going to turn our passion and commitment to the environment into measurable goals. Step bee’s to begin implementing an entirely different way of thinking, living and b, being. Our step by step idea is to introduce one thing every week that makes our homes Eco-friendly. You’ll look back and be proud of your progress in a few months.

Step 1: Notice and Take Notes

This is the most fundamental step in anything you do. It may seem simple and boring. But the truth is, we need to start thinking differently about our consumption. We need to reshape our waste culture and start thinking in different ways. More importantly, we need to start recognizing our power – realizing that we have an impact and our actions have consequences.

Some of us see the environmental crisis as an abstract concept – something that isn’t tangible. Many of us, of course, do realize the severity of the situation but don’t know where the starting point is. This is precisely why we want to start with the ‘home.’ Change begins here.

So your number one task is to get thinking and writing. Start noticing your lifestyle and your daily consumption. Take note of your shopping: where you shop from, what you shop and how often your shop. Do you use plastic? Do you waste food? Do you use products that harm your body? You get the point.

Join us on this journey. We’ll be with you every step of the way, and there’ll be lots for us to learn as well. So don’t forget to share your thoughts and tips with us. Comment below and let us know how your first week goes. Are you ready for your Eco-friendly home?