Most of us agree that our home is unique to us – our safe haven. This is why we’ve decided it’s time to take care of it. Last week we started thinking about ways to de-clutter our home to make it an Eco-friendly home. Our first step was to start noticing. Because we can only make effective changes after we genuinely evaluate and understand the situation. This meant that we started seeing our daily consumption and lifestyle. We learned that one of the essential steps is to reduce our plastic consumption. Many of us use way too many plastic bags, so our goal is to get rid of them this week. It’s time to toss out the plastic and replace it with something sustainable, environmentally friendly and chic.

In a previous blog, we discussed the dangers of our plastic consumption. The numbers don’t lie: the amount of plastic bags given out by supermarkets every year is 17.5 billion. This translates into 60 sacks in four trips for the average family. The amount of petrol used to make these bags is enough to drive a car 2.1 billion miles. Do you know what’s worse? Out of every 200 plastic bags, only one is recycled. And it takes up to 1000 years for a plastic bag to break down. In addition to harming the environment, the chemicals in plastic enter our bodies through food and drinks, causing severe health problems. So it only makes sense that we begin to think about eliminating or reducing our plastic consumption. Once you start paying attention to it, you realize how severely we’re surrounded by it.

Alternatives to Plastic Bags

Our favourite alternative to plastic bags is reusable ones by Ecobags. If you’re looking for something durable, light and chic, then this is it. These bags are made from a range of sustainable fibres that are 100% recyclable. The goal is to save the planet, one load at a time, without you having to compromise your comfort. We know you’ll love the variety of products we offer, from produce and bulk bags to your market tote. We even have beautiful reusable wine bags and lunch bags to help you complete your set.

Are you ready to toss out those plastic bags and switch to recyclable, reusable and sustainable ones? Join us on our journey and become part of this movement. One bag at a time, we can help save our planet.

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