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I used to be one of those who just refused to wear sunscreen. For some reason, I thought if I protected my skin from the sun, it would mean that I didn’t tan properly. I admit it’s pretty stupid. Frying your skin and making it vulnerable doesn’t really give you the tan you’re looking for. In fact, protection from the sun is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you have healthy, young and glowing skin. I know what you may be thinking (at least that’s what went through my mind): “it’s oily and melts off your face.” But don’t worry! There are natural sunscreen alternatives out there that not only protect you from the sun but also gently moisturize your skin to leave it looking and feeling great.

Every dermatologist will tell you there’s really no better way to protect your skin than with sunscreen. And the truth is if you’re looking for healthy skin that doesn’t age quickly, then you need to take care of it and protect it. Most dermatologists will even tell you to wear sunscreen all year round, every day, summer or not.

What Does Sunscreen Protect You From?

Sunscreen acts as a barrier, helping protect the skin from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. There are two types of UV radiation called UVA and UVB, and they both damage the skin, make it age faster and increase your risk of skin cancer. UVB causes sunburn and redness, and the UVA rays get deeper into the skin and, over time, cause wrinkles and sagging.

So by protecting your skin from the sun, you ensure it stays young, healthy and beautiful. But like most other off-the-counter products, most sunscreens are also packed with toxins and chemicals. So what’s the point of protecting your skin from UVA and UVB and, in the process exposing it to so many other forms of chemicals, preservatives and toxins?

Toxic-Free and Natural Sunscreen for the Perfect Skin

This is where we come in. Natural sunscreen that is free of all the funny stuff. It is a product that will protect your skin, ensuring it’s healthy and chemical-free. But also the perfect natural sunscreen that is gentle to your skin and kind to the planet. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Body and Face Moisturizer for Dry Skin Body Cream is a fragrance-free skin-care product. It’s a mineral sunscreen that makes sunshine harmless! You can be sure that there are no Parabens, chemicals or GMOs – and of course, rest assured because DeVita is 100 percent Vegan and cruelty-free. It’s an all-in-one pack, which includes all-natural ingredients, and works as a moisturizer and sunscreen. It is just the perfect formula for delicate and sensitive skin, keeping it from aging.

If you’re looking for organic and natural sunscreen for babies and kids, we’ve got you covered. Check out our wide range of sun protection products and let us know what you think. To protect your beautiful skin and keep it healthy this summer!

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