Welcome back, dear readers! What are you guys up to? Today we will be talking about the origin of toothpowder and how it has impacted human history. Along with that, we are also going to talk about our top pick for toothpowder this month Eco-Dent Toothpowder Daily Care Mint.

Since the ancient era, people have known the importance of oral health, which is why toothpowder was widespread. In ancient Egypt, people used different ingredients to clean their teeth. First, they combined a powder of ox hooves’ ashes burnt eggshells with pumice.

The quality and character of toothpowder varied from region to region. For example, Romans and Greeks preferred a coarser mixture for dental cleaning. They used crushed bones and oyster shells with some charcoal to get rid of bad breath. Chinese people added herbs, salts, and ginseng to help improve its taste. The production and marketing of commercial toothpowder were first started in Britain in the 18th century.

We have now learned a little about the history of toothpowder. Now it’s time to discuss our top pick product for this October.

Eco-Dent Toothpowder Daily Care Mint

Eco-Dent Toothpowder Daily Care Mint is ideal for cleaning and freshening your teeth. You can feel the gentle touch of mint after each brushing which can cherish your mood. This toothpowder tastes great and gives your teeth a whiter and brighter look.

Like every other personal care product of living life natural Blog, this one is also made from 100% organic products. This Fluoride-free Eco-Dent Toothpowder Daily Care Mint is made with baking soda and some oils. It is widely recommended by dentists for its super cleaning power.

Eco-Dent toothpowders are always 100% cruelty-free, and they work perfectly for protecting the delicate tooth enamel. One bottle of this product can last up to 200 brushings. Our Toothpowder Daily Care Mint brightens your teeth and gives confidence in your life. Try it out now!