It’s no exaggeration to say nutrition severely impacts kids’ health. A child’s diet should consist of various sources to ensure that they have a balanced nutrient intake. The foods they eat now influence their overall health and future. So parents must start talking to their children about healthy food choices and habits from a young age. Because the best way is to help kids develop positive habits so that they can continue with their excellent choices as they get older. Also, there’s nothing more important than health – and we often only start to understand that as we age. Why not familiarize and educate our children from now? Let them get in touch with their bodies and learn what healthy choices mean.

Let’s Talk Health

One of the first steps is realizing what we eat. This means reading labels and researching. Next, we need to tell our children that nutrients are substances we find in food that allows our bodies to function. So inevitably, our productivity and energy level depending on what we give our bodies. It’s tough to make a child care about health and nutrients if we don’t take the time to first connect them with their bodies, telling them the direct influence food has on their ability to grow, strength level and even mental health.

But…we understand the difficulty that many parents face. Often, buying and preparing healthy food is the easy part. Getting your child to eat more nutritious food options is the tricky part. But we have some yummy ideas that will also improve your kid’s health.

Everyone knows that a healthy and hearty breakfast is the way to go! This isn’t just important for kids’ health – adults also need to get their hands on a filling and fibrous meal to get their digestive system going. It’s much easier to incorporate something when the whole family gets involved. So start preparing a nice portion of oatmeal for those cold winter mornings. Add your favourite fruits, honey, even cocoa powder or cinnamon to give it the flavour you want. Another delicious option that kids and adults will love is combining Greek yogurt with oats and nuts, and some fruits. Want a quick breakfast? Don’t forget about peanut butter on toast. Substitute the jam for honey or bananas for extra goodness.

Smoothies are also a great way to incorporate greens into a healthy diet. When you add their favourite fruits like pineapples, bananas, strawberries or oranges, the taste of carrot, kale or spinach will almost disappear. But while the flavour is gone, the benefits remain. Another great way to ensure a healthy diet is to get rid of the cans and the preservatives. Instead, soak your beans in water the night before and cook them yourself. Again, the benefits will go a long way.

Cooking and eating can be lots of fun. Get your kids involved. The outcome can surprise you. Aside from quality time spent with the family, kids begin to learn about the foods that fuel their bodies. Tell us about your favourite dishes and share your recipes with us. Connect with us on social media and tell us what you want to read about next. Don’t forget to tune in to our blog next Wednesday for Kids Health Part II.

Be happy. Stay healthy.