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It’s a known fact: good nutrition is crucial to your child’s overall health. As your child grows, so do their bones. And parents strive to provide their children with a healthy and balanced diet – but it’s not always that easy. The childhood years are crucial to your child’s overall growth and health. One of the most important aspects of a child’s health is the development of their bones. This is where calcium and, of course, Childlife Liquid Calcium comes in.

According to Everyday Health, “calcium is essential to our body’s function and our ability to think. The cardiovascular and nervous systems utilize calcium, and it’s also vital for blood clotting. And, of course, it’s directly related to keeping your bones strong. People who don’t get enough calcium are more likely to suffer from bone fractures and may develop osteoporosis as they age. They also risk having weaker teeth and tooth decay later in life.”

There you have it. Calcium impacts many aspects of our health – and children are even more vulnerable because they are in the midst of development. This is where Dr. Murray Clarke comes in. Born in New Zealand, he moved to America in 1984 to study medicine. Today, he holds licenses and doctorates in Naturopathic, Homeopathic and Chinese Medicine. More importantly, he is recognized as the top holistic pediatrician in America. In 2000, Dr. Clarke founded his company called ChildLife Essentials, where he started to formulate and manufacture the first complete line of nutritional supplements made especially for infants and children. In addition, ChildLife offers accessories recognized globally and made with quality. Dr. Clarke has dedicated himself to making formulas that improve and enhance your child’s health, and in the process, his products have been awarded as the best and safest supplements for babies and children.

We already know that you and your kid will love everything about ChildLife Liquid Calcium. The number one reason we speak with such certainty is that kids LOVE the taste. While kids want flavour, we know parents want results, which is precisely why this is the perfection in one bottle.

So, here are 3 reasons why this liquid calcium is every parent’s wish:

Naturally Delicious Flavor

If it doesn’t taste yummy, your kid won’t take it. It’s a bit difficult to convince your child of the health benefits of calcium when it tastes terrible. ChildLife Liquid Calcium keeps it natural and deliciously orange. And you can be sure that there are no artificial colouring, sweeteners or flavouring added.

Liquid Formula That’s Hassle-Free

Made with the highest quality of ingredients, your child can add a few drops of this liquid calcium to their favourite drink or enjoy their daily dose straight from a spoon. Aside from making your life easier, the liquid form is balanced and readily absorbable.

Enhance & Improve Your Child’s Bones

Healthy bones mean a healthy body. And calcium is one of those things that has a lot to do with bone development, supporting your child’s growth. But aside from the calcium, this dietary supplement includes Magnesium and a combination of two vital minerals (Zinc and Vitamin D) for the body.

Go ahead and try: click here for more information about this delicious Childlife liquid calcium and let us know what you think.