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What if we promised your child a safe, colourful, and fun journey? We mean one that takes care of you, your kid and the environment. Yes, a win-win situation and everyone is left satisfied and happy. So, are you ready to go green with green toys?

At Living Life Natural, we recommend safe products for you and your family. One of our main priorities is the health of babies and children. This is precisely why we are dedicated to bringing to you natural, organic, and eco-friendly products. Products that are safe so that parents don’t have to worry. Check out our Organic Baby Products for the best prices and quality. We have you covered whether you want the perfect BPA-Free baby bottle or premium organic oil. But for now, let’s get the safest green toys in your child’s hands.

The story behind Green Toys

Made in the USA, Green Toys offer an ethical and Eco-friendly alternative to having fun. These toys are made from 100 percent recycled milk jugs free of phthalate and BPA and any harmful chemicals or toxins that would be of potential danger to your little one. In addition, Green Toys reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy so your family can proudly enjoy ethical playtime. Of course, every parent wants safe toys because children are in complete contact with their toys. There are even cases of accidental bites here and there. But there’s absolutely nothing to worry about with these toys. In fact, they are designed without any external coatings so parents can relax while kids have fun.

With these toys, you may be going green, but we assure you of lots of colour and variety. This means you can choose an environmentally friendly way to have fun without ever sacrificing great fun. From selecting the best airplane to having their own indoor gardening kit, Green Toys has any toy that comes into your child’s imagination and more!

Another great thing is that Green Toys offer more than just ‘toys.’ Parents can now purchase bowls, plates and trays for their babies and children with the same unique qualities as the toys – this means plastic that is Eco-friendly, chemical-free and dishwasher-safe. And the plates, like the toys, are colourful and fun.

There’s nothing more important than a child’s safety and well-being. But sadly, some of the products and toys on the shelves are unsafe, filled with toxins and chemicals that are harmful to everyone, especially babies and children. We must protect our little ones. So what better way to introduce a green, sustainable, toxin-free world than their favourite toy?