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Vitamin D is best known as the ‘sunshine’ vitamin. It can be produced by the body when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light – AKA the sun. The body can also make it naturally through certain foods. Vitamin D is important for several reasons. It increases metabolism and helps the body absorb other minerals. Vitamin D is essential for babies and children because it helps with healthy growth and development. It helps them build healthier and stronger bones and teeth. Why Childlife Vitamin D3 is one of your best choices?

The problem is that our diet often lacks the necessary vitamins and nutrients that our little ones need to grow up healthy and strong. Recently, the American Academy of Paediatrics “doubled its recommendation of the amount of Vitamin D that all children should receive. These recommendations have resulted from new studies reflecting the many benefits of Vitamin D including support for healthy bones and a healthy immune system.” In other words, Vitamin D is a must for all babies and young children. Check out our previous blog on the benefits of Vitamin D3, and let us know what you think.

ChildLife Vitamin D3

The tricky bit is with choosing the right supplement for your child. One that isn’t filled with artificial and fake ingredients and flavours – a healthy, natural, affordable, and easy-to-use product. Clarke when it comes to products and supplements that are perfect for babies and children. Born in New Zealand, he moved to America in 1984, where he began his studies in medicine. Since then, he has attained licenses and doctorates in three fields of medicine. In 2000, he founded his company ChildLife Essentials, where he formulated the first complete line of nutritional supplements made uniquely for infants and children. ChildLife makes both parents and children happy because of its many great qualities. However, the brand focuses on one thing only – your child’s overall health.

You may be wondering what makes ChildLife Vitamin D3 so unique? Well, it’s got a great berry flavour that kids will love. It’s formulated for infants and children, using all-natural and organic ingredients. This is the perfect dietary supplement, offering nutrients for your child. And parents can rest assured that there are no funny ingredients in these supplements. One of the other great qualities is that it’s easy to use. No mess and no hassle. You can even add a few drops to their favourite smoothies or drinks.

It’s not rocket science. We call it sunshine in a bottle. Who’s gonna say no to that?