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Calcium deficiency is common – especially in kids. So it’s essential to make sure that your child gets it. Calcium is necessary for the body’s function, thinking and growth. For example, the cardiovascular and nervous systems both use Calcium – also, it’s closely linked to keeping the bones healthy and growing. In short, Calcium impacts many aspects of our health. But it’s even more critical for children. Why, you ask? Well, bone development is crucial in those early years. Check out our previous blog on the benefits and importance of Calcium for your child’s health.

Now, let’s talk about the simple ways to overcome calcium deficiency. What should kids consume to be in better health and make sure those bones develop and grow.

Dairy Products are a great source of Calcium, and they can easily be incorporated into meals. Think about cheese, yogurt and milk. Smoothies, pizza and a nice yogurt bowl with fresh fruits will make anyone happy. But for those who are Vegan or Lactose intolerant, dairy isn’t the best source. Don’t worry, there are always soybeans: they have both Calcium and protein. Another source is the greens: spinach, lettuce, celery and fenugreek. Add it to meals, make salads or hide them in smoothies!

How About A Natural and Effective Supplement?

It’s important to plan meals. To make sure that children receive their daily percentage of vitamins, Calcium and nutrients. But let’s be honest. It’s not always easy. What if we said there’s a supplement? We don’t mean your regular off-the-counter calcium bottle. We’re talking about something better!

Imagine a liquid, balanced and absorbable calcium option? One that is nutritional, with a tremendous natural orange flavour and completely hassle-free? ChildLife Calcium is free of alcohol, gluten, eggs, yeast, casein, milk, wheat, corn, artificial sweeteners, flavourings and colourings. The product is made with parents and children in mind. Kids want great taste, and parents want something simple AND effective. ChildLife is a wish come true for both. This formula is the best way to enhance and improve your child’s bones and overall health.

Taking care of our little ones impacts their overall health, well-being and future. Unfortunately, calcium deficiency is common, especially between 4 to 8. But there are simple and easy measures to ensure that your child is taken care of. We’re here to help. Follow our blog and sign up for our News Letter for more posts about Children’s Health. Anything, in particular, you want to read about? Comment below.