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Once you have a child, you realize their life is a cycle of Eat, Sleep, Poop, (Occasional) Play and Repeat. Feeding is obviously the most important of those things, whether you breastfeed or formula feed, as it provides the nutrition, the baby needs to grow both physically and cognitively. If you are formula feeding, you will obviously need a bottle, and even if you breastfeed, you can pump and use a bottle. Bottle feeding can be convenient for life on the go, and it can provide a welcome break for new moms, who can let the baby be fed by someone else. And nothing is more precious to a parent than their newborn baby, and you obviously want the best for them, you want to provide the best nutrients, and you want to deliver those nutrients in the bottle; a good choice could be to check a few selections from BornFree Baby bottles.

Babies want to feed all the time, and feedings can happen anytime. Many a parent has found themselves awake at 4 AM for yet another feeding, wondering how we got ourselves into that situation. While it can be trying at times, it’s all worth it.

We need to get a good set of bottles before we even reach the point where we’re getting up for night feedings. You might think baby bottles are pretty straightforward and easy to shop for, but not so fast!

Bottles are no longer a straightforward purchase. Long gone are the days when all bottles were all made the same. Now there are many options in both nipples and the bottles themselves; many bottles come with internal venting systems to reduce colic and gas, and there are slow flow, fast flow nipples, and all sorts of other things to look out for.

So, how do you know which bottles will work out the best? First of all, you need to know what to look for!

Baby Bottle Buyer’s Guide

Buying bottles isn’t easy. There are so many different varieties out there, so here are some helpful tips:

Get bottles that are easy to use

As a new mom, you won’t have time to clean. There are so many things to worry about, and the last thing you need is to worry about a bottle that’s hard to take apart and put back together. As a first-timer, you’ll want to find some that are easy to use in the dark and easy to use in general.

Unfortunately, the best bottles are internally vented to prevent colic, meaning they have more parts. It might be worth your while to get a non-vented and basic set of bottles to get the hang of bottle-feeding and then upgrade.

The nipple is also important! They come in all different shapes and sizes, and just like bottles, it’s hard to pick the perfect one right off the bat.

Nipples are generally made of clear silicone, but you’ll come across those made of latex. While sometimes cheaper, latex breaks down much quicker than silicone and will need to be replaced more often. It’s also not suitable to be put in the dishwasher, making it more annoying to clean. Therefore, I strongly recommend avoiding latex nipples if possible. One of my favourite nipples is the Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green.

Glass vs Plastic

Long ago, the only type of baby bottle available was made from Glass. Glass bottles weren’t always ideal because they could easily break, and they were heavy and harder for the baby to hold.

Once plastic bottles were invented, this led to a drastic decrease in the use of glass bottles. Plastic bottles are generally unbreakable, and they are lighter than glass bottles and less expensive. However, recent health studies have shown that many plastic bottles are made from polycarbonate plastic, which can leach Bisphenol A or BPA. This chemical mimics estrogen in the body and may cause developmental and hormonal disruptions in young children. With recent health scares into the safety of plastic baby bottles, you don’t want to take the risk. Anything that the bottle is made of will contact the milk and into the baby’s system. In addition, plastic bottles are not as durable, get more wear and tear and require more frequent replacement.

Glass bottles, on the other hand, are BPA-free, which makes them very safe. Glass is also easy to clean, and glass bottles can be easily sterilized in boiling water. In addition, newer glass bottles are tempered Glass, making them harder to break than regular glass, and they shatter into pieces that aren’t as sharp. Glass bottles last longer and can be recycled. Although glass bottles are a bit more expensive than plastic bottles, most experts agree that it is best for their food safety qualities. Glass baby bottles are high quality and a better alternative for you and your baby.

Let’s look at the glass baby bottle we’d recommend that fulfills all of the above criteria.

Born Free Glass Bottles

The born-free baby bottles range is perfect if you have a baby suffering from colic. The bottles come with an airflow vent and a sturdy silicone teat that won’t collapse when a baby is feeding. Born Free glass bottles come in 5 and 9 oz sizes, utilize a proprietary venting system to help reduce colic, gas build-up, and spit-up and have a variety of nipples with differing flow levels for desired feeding rate. They are also naturally free of BPA and PVC. You can buy these bottles in a pack of three to keep costs down. The multi-pack comes with a silicone sleeve to use on the bottles to improve grip and prevent breakages if dropped. If you are looking for lightweight plastic bottles, there are Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green. Which are plastic BPA-free bottles. Born Free Bottles provide easy use and easy cleanup; they are dishwasher safe and BPA free. It comes with easy-flowing silicone nipples and is made of Glass. It is safe, affordable and durable. That’s why they are among the best-selling and highly recommended bottles, and thousands of parents are using them!

I would love to know what you look for in a baby bottle and your favourite bottles; pictures are welcome! Let us know in the comments below how the bottle-feeding experience has been so far and if you have any tips. Connect with us on Social Media to stay informed about more ways to Live Life Naturally, and make sure to comment below to share your thoughts with us!