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When it comes to taking care of your baby, one of the most important places to start is their skin. Newborn babies have delicate skin, so it’s essential to treat it with love and gentleness. Chemicals, fragrances, and artificial colours in baby skincare products can cause severe skin irritation, dryness, chafing, and rashes. As the saying goes, skin is the outer fabric of our existence, and we have to know that it can seriously impact our overall health in positive and negative ways. Our skin, especially in the case of babies, can absorb so much – this is mainly why it’s essential to get your hands on natural and organic baby oils and lotions. If their skin takes it all in, let’s ensure we’re feeding it good stuff. We’ve got some tips and ideas for you!

Shopping for Baby Skin Care Products

Shopping for baby skin products can be a challenging task. First, we have to ensure that the products are safe and healthy. This means free of chemicals and toxins and made with a gentle natural and organic blend. At Living Life Natural, we’re dedicated to providing you and your family with Organic Baby Products that prioritize your baby’s well-being and health. We mean products that leave out the chemicals, fragrance, phthalates and parabens and instead give your baby the vitamins and oils they need.

Say Goodbye to Diaper Rash

Diaper rash refers to the redness around the diaper area, and it happens because diapers are too tight or even wet. It’s essential to use breathable diapers and ensure they’re not too close. Also, try to keep the diaper area open so that the skin can breathe. Earth Mama Angel Baby has a baby bottom balm that eliminates diaper rash and flare-ups. It’s also safe for cloth diapers and has been clinically tested. No toxins and made with natural and organic ingredients to ensure your baby’s bottom is soft and smooth.

Baby Skin Care Laundry Tips

When it comes to taking care of baby skin, it’s essential to also use a gentle and organic detergent. There are many chemicals in our everyday products like detergent, so make sure you have one that keeps the clothes clean and skin toxin-free. Also, if you buy new clothes, blankets or bedding, always make sure you wash them before they come into contact with your little one.

Baby Sun Protection

This one is for everyone! As great as the sun may feel, it’s crucial to protect skin from exposure. Make sure your infant has everything checked off: hats, umbrellas and, of course, a good sunscreen.

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