Becoming part of the global change towards environmental stability begins with knowledge. We’re devoting this blog to answering frequently asked questions about organic natural products. It’s essential to learn about the importance of going green, why the use of these products helps promote a healthier planet, and how the ingredients used will enhance our personal health. Let’s get started.

Do organic natural products also take into consideration animal testing or veganism?

This is a fundamental question. Although not every natural and/or organic product is vegan, many are. Vegetarianism and veganism are common in today’s world, and catering to this population is becoming more and more necessary. Animal ingredients can be things such as meat, fur and wool and a lot of cosmetic products are made with goat hair or fish scales. Vegan products are another way of making environmentally friendly choices. In addition, lots of organic natural products are conscious of being cruelty-free regarding animal testing, meaning they don’t test their products on animals. Instead, animal-free and eco-friendly products use minerals and plant-based ingredients; however, if you’re not sure about the product being 100% vegan, don’t be afraid to contact the company to double-check.

Why are organic natural products so expensive? How do you go green with the most minor expenses?

Contrary to popular belief, going green doesn’t have to be super expensive. Companies have different pricing, and you have to do your research to find affordable products that are in line with your vision of protecting the environment. At Living Life Natural Blog, we not only have a wide range of products to choose from, but we also offer affordable prices, so you don’t have to sacrifice your budget.

Organic food is indeed more expensive, but it’s genuinely worth it, and we’ll explain this in more detail in the next question. There are straightforward and affordable ways to go green, such as changing your most frequently used light bulbs to ENERGY STAR products and reusing shopping bags. Read our article on what you can do daily to go green to learn more about affordable ways to help the environment.

What’s the difference between organic natural products and other products in terms of quality?

Questions about organic natural products are plentiful. What does certified organic mean, is it better quality, and what are its benefits are just a few. Firstly, organic food is more expensive because the process to produce them is more labour and management intensive, farming is on a smaller scale, and they must meet stricter regulations. Check here for more.

Evidence suggesting that organically produced food and products are more nutritious is only increasing. For example, a Guardian article stated that research indicates that organic food is linked to better health because it has more antioxidant compounds than regular food. In addition, organic natural foods don’t involve the application of toxic and persistent fertilizers and insecticides, and organic farming techniques provide a safer, healthier and more sustainable environment for all.

We hope we’ve answered at least some of your questions. Let us know if there is anything we missed, and we’ll be happy to include it. So let’s embark on this journey towards a sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly planet.

Stay tuned for our next blog, and in the meantime, don’t be shy to suggest topics you want us to write about.

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