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Are you an animal lover? Do you love your pet? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it’s essential to learn more about buying and using natural pet products. The health of your pet and all animals is crucial.

But taking care of a pet is not easy since keeping them free of pests, especially fleas, are vital and challenging. The biggest dilemma most people face is using synthetic products to keep the fleas at bay or pamper their pets with natural and organic products. We’re here to help resolve that dilemma.

Why You Should Use Natural Pet Products

Like your skin is sensitive to chemical products, so is your pet’s. For example, synthetic pet shampoos and conditioners are packed with parabens and sulphates that can irritate an animal’s skin, especially if it has sensitive skin. Cats have incredibly delicate skin, and toxic chemicals can make your pet terribly sick. Poisonous chemicals and sulphates can very well penetrate the upper layer of the skin and enter the system, resulting in frequent vomiting, sudden loss of appetite, dizziness, low energy levels and clumsiness in the animal.

Natural products are derived from naturally occurring resources like plants and flowers, which do not harm the animal or cause adverse side effects. Another great advantage that natural products have to offer is that they do not irritate the pet’s sensitive skin and maintain the basic pH levels because the formula is one hundred percent free from parabens and sulphates.

Are All Natural Products Safe For Your Pet?

Just because a product sports, an ‘All natural’ label doesn’t mean it won’t harm your pet. Certain natural products are highly toxic, and pets should never be exposed to them. One such example is essential oils. One should never use essential oils to treat cats since they can penetrate the upper layer of the skin and slowly poison the animal. The reason why essential oils are regarded as highly toxic chemicals for both cats and dogs is that the animals cannot excrete these chemicals, even though they are natural.

As more and more toxins build up in the body, your pet can suffer from life-threatening consequences in the long run. So here are some of the chemicals you should be on the lookout for when buying products for your pet.

1. Pyrethroids

2. Pennyroyal oil

3. Tea tree oil

4. D’Limonene

Best Alternatives for Treating Your Pet

To protect your little canine or feline friend, try using alternative products such as herbal flea collars, organic conditioners and shampoos. Also, try focusing on your pet’s overall health by feeding them freshly cooked food compared to canned foods laced with preservatives and additives. Remember that if you feed your pet a healthy diet, there is no way the fleas will bother it.

Here are two natural pet products that we at Living Life Natural recommend:

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal Shampoo
for Dogs and Cats

This combined shampoo and conditioner is made from entirely natural ingredients, such as extracts of Neem and lavender, Aloe Vera, vitamin E, coconut-derived surfactants and chamomile and cucumber extract. It is certified vegan, 32x concentrated, and free of alcohol, detergents, pesticides, dyes, fake fillers or phosphates.

For more information on the product or to buy it, Click Here.

Arm & Hammer Super Deodorizing Shampoo for Dogs

This shampoo is for dogs of all ages. It’s highly effective, contains oatmeal and has long-lasting tick control, helping remove the ticks from your pet’s body. It’s made from natural ingredients such as cinnamon oil, cedarwood oil, clove oil and colloidal oatmeal that help soothe, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. To learn more about this product or to purchase it, Click Here.

Now you can save your trip to the superstore and buy all-natural products for your pet online with a few clicks. Our pet care and supplies category offers a variety of products, including dog treats, grooming and shampoo products, oral care, pet accessories and pet supplements. All you have to do is visit to find the right products for your pet.

Naturally, derived products are much better for treating and improving your pet’s health than chemical-based products.

Treat your pet right and become part of the change for a healthier planet and environment.