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What is Hygge? If you’re not so sure, we’re here to tell you all about it. The word Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish concept that encompasses a mood of coziness and contentment. It’s all about enjoying the simple things in life and finding joy from the feelings of comfort and wellness. In other words, it’s much more than a word – it’s a culture, a concept – a way of living and being.

This Scandinavian trend is undoubtedly making its way worldwide, and for a good reason. With the colder days approaching us, there’s a severe need for getting cozy. While there’s no single way of creating the Hygge atmosphere, there are certain elements that can heighten the mood.

What Is Hygge for Beginners?

Let’s get one thing straight. Hygge isn’t about buying a bunch of stuff. The concept is about the kind of atmosphere you create. It’s about taking pleasure in simple things. Hygge is an experience, a feeling of comfort and homeliness.

Hygge looks and feels different for different people. In fact, the best part of the concept is that it gets you thinking about what simple daily activities bring you a sense of relaxation and coziness. In addition, it is an opportunity for you to consider your lifestyle in other ways. Truth be told, the idea of slowing down and carving out time to create an atmosphere of happiness and well-being is something we can all benefit from.

Here are some simple ways to incorporate a bit of Hygge into your daily life. For those who are complete beginners to the concept, Chances are, without knowing what it’s called, you’ve been doing some of these things all along.

So, let’s paint the picture: imagine yourself in comfortable sweatpants. In fact, in Danish, the word Hyggebukser refers to pants you’d never (ever) wear in public. So sweatpants you’d wear while binge-watching Friends have the word cozy in them. Add some candles, a cup of delicious tea, some chocolate and fluffy socks while you’re at it, and you’ve got yourself some Hygge.

Here’s another one: a cozy nook in the house, wrapped under a soft blanket, with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands and your favourite book. But Hygge doesn’t always have to be indoors. Going to the woods for a nice long walk on the colder days and spending time with loved ones is also part of the Hygge concept.

What makes the concept unique is the intention behind it. It’s being active in creating the space and time to slow down, get cozy, and get comfortable – and most importantly, find joy and happiness in the process.

Hygge Essentials

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it: your idea and concept of Hygge will be unique to you. It’s whatever you find comforting and relaxing. For many people, however, certain elements really help create the mood and atmosphere. Using Natural Incense, for example, is an excellent way of creating a sense of tranquillity, warmth, and coziness. Add a delicious cup of herbal tea to that, and you’re halfway there. So make sure you’re bundled up with your favourite blanket, get your book or a film and enjoy every minute of your well-deserved Hygge time.

So, what is Hygge? It’s time dedicated to YOU – to get cozy and comfortable.

What is Hygge: How to get Cozy this Fall
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What is Hygge: How to get Cozy this Fall
What is Hygge? This Scandinavian trend is certainly making its way around the world and for good reason. With the colder days approaching us, there’s a serious need for getting cozy.
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