Natural incense sticks have deep spiritual and historical roots that stretch back thousands of years across a broad spectrum of religious and cultural traditions. From the practices of Hinduism to Christianity, burning incense has long been a part of spiritual and physical well-being. While much of today’s society has lost touch with the incredible benefits of incense in the modern age, we think it’s safe to say that our ancestors were on to something. Likewise, in today’s hectic world, this ancient tradition can have a variety of psychological and health benefits for you and your family.

Natural Incense Sticks and the Forgotten Sense

Do you remember learning about the five senses as a child? Well, let’s recap for a second:

  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Smell

Sometimes it seems like scent is a long-forgotten cousin in this family; we constantly think about the benefits of touch, taste, sight and hearing, but we rarely consider the importance of scent. And when we do, it’s usually a negative experience. Yet, the scent is powerful, for better or for worse. A hand-dipped natural incense stick is a fantastic tool that allows us to use this sense for sound, welcoming us into a new world (yes, I just made a Disney reference because why not).

Healing the Mind

Burning incense will bring you a host of mental and spiritual rewards. For thousands of years, monks and other religious leaders have used incense to help promote peace, tranquillity, and calmness. Even today, incense remains an integral part of many meditation traditions across the globe. Similarly, we can use incense to calm our racing minds. You can pick a soothing scent to help you take that mental step away from work and life stress to focus inwards instead. Even after a long day, we often find it impossible to relax genuinely. Instead, we let anxiety intrude and take over. Hand-dipped natural incense can be a fantastic way to unwind and buoy your emotional and mental state truly.

Beyond using incense to promote calm and tranquillity, these all-natural incense sticks are made in Canada using no funny ingredients and keeping true to our company ethics. Fragrance can help you center yourself to focus on the task at hand. Many students use incense to enhance their studying, similar to meditating with incense. The mental clarity you achieve from burning incense can help improve your focus yet keep you clear-minded and alert. Some artists even use incense to enhance their creative efforts; the scent is a powerful way to achieve a headspace that opens you up to creativity and adventure.

Healing the Body

Beyond the mental and spiritual, what kind of effect can incense sticks have on your overall health? Headaches are a common ailment with various causes, but you can use natural incense sticks as a treatment. The smell is a powerful way to relax and can relieve that stress headache plaguing you for the last few hours without taking medication. Incense doesn’t just help you relax mentally but also relaxes your muscles and the tension in your joints. You can fall asleep with the aid of your favourite soothing incense.

Healing the Home

Consider the potential for burning incense in your home. The home should be your haven, where you and your family can escape the stress of school and work. Burning natural incense sticks is a beautiful way to give your family that safe space. Imagine entering a home that welcomes you with a beautiful and calming scent.

What’s more, incense can even act as a bug repellent. So while we humans love the smell of perfume, it can destroy pesky insects and critters that invade your home. Talk about a fantastic side benefit!

Where Do I Start?

Ready to begin using incense? You need to know some basic safety precautions before starting your incense journey with our Canadian all-natural incense sticks. First, you must use an all-natural scent. Many companies have begun to add synthetic materials to their fragrance, which can be hazardous for your health and even release toxic chemicals into the air, defeating the purpose! Just remember, all-natural incense sticks are safe and non-addictive. And, of course, there are essential fire safety tips. Ensure your incense burner is in a secure location where falling ash won’t cause any problems.

When it comes to choosing your incense, the first step is to consider what you’d like to achieve with your incense journey:

  • Sandalwood is a great place to start. It’s one of the most ancient types of incense, having been used for thousands of years. Sandalwood promotes calm and tranquillity, helping you to focus and soothe yourself. Use sandalwood the next time you meditate or need to take a deep mental breath.
  • Have an actual test come up? Use myrrh incense to promote focus and mental clarity. This type of incense doesn’t just help you relax but aids you as you focus on the critical task at hand. For additional health benefits, you can burn both frankincense and myrrh.
  • The fresh scent of jasmine incense can help bring sweetness and love to your home. Use Jasmine to help with anxiety and depression or create a welcoming and loving environment at home.

Beyond these, a wide variety of scents are available; you can find a scent that reminds you of a peaceful location or fills your house with the smell of rose incense. The possibilities are endless. Start your incense journey by exploring over 76 different types of incense to find the one that’s right for you and your home.