The scent is memorable, especially when it comes to your home. It is considered just as important as design. To add fragrance to your living space, you can use incense sticks, incense cones, incense oils, potpourri, heather twigs, candles, diffusers, wood sticks, and herb bundles. Having a distinct scent in your home makes the environment more enjoyable. It can change the feeling of the environment and make you more likely to relax. Choosing what smell you like can be very rewarding.

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Enrich Your Living Space With incense sticks

  • The smell of a home is essential and as important as the home’s design, as many can attest to this.
  • One of the ways to add smell to a home is to use aromatherapy incenses and incense cones in which one lights up and then blows to spread the flames.
  • There are a variety of scents that one can choose from, including fresh floral scents such as rose to fruiter scents like coconut.

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“Scent is extremely memorable. It adds to the atmosphere. It can change the feeling in an environment. Your brand new retro kitchen table isn’t going to have the same appeal if the smell from the trash that needs to go out keeps pouring into your nostrils each time you go to take a bite.”

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