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You may never have heard of Rainbow Research. However, if cruelty-free products are your thing, you’ll want to. Likewise, if you dig the concept of hair colour without harsh chemicals. Rainbow Research has a simple mission it aspires to convey to the public through its products. It espouses the use of Henna and keeps to a minimum chemical constituent. It’s transparent in practice and dedicated to promoting a good business model for people and animals. Henna, the main component of Rainbow Research products, locks in moisture, making it a natural fighter of dandruff and other scalp drying conditions. Henna-treated hair grows lustrous and strong. Henna naturally restores the proper pH balance to your scalp. Grey is effectively covered. The brand has delicious gray-covering tones in Persian Red, Persian Chestnut, and Mahogany.

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Key Takeaways

  • Henna is a beauty product made from crushed leaves and is popular in India.
  • These products will color gray hair without the damage you experience using chemically-based hair colors.
  • Rainbow hair products also contain moisturizers that can fight dandruff.

“Rainbow Research has a line of hair colour products that are made with Henna. Their philosophy is simple? They only use the best natural ingredients available, avoid unnecessary chemicals, and are honest. They are a cruelty-free company, that has never tested their products on animals. To keep quality standards high, their products are made in small batches.”

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