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Beautiful and healthy hair is on everyone’s mind – important enough for us to spend a little too much money on hair products that promise shiny and voluminous hair. But often, these promises are empty, and the expensive products we use are filled with chemicals and fragrances that damage and dry out our hair and even limit its growth. Could natural hair products be a feasible solution? Let’s dive in.

When it comes to hair care, the famous ‘less is more’ slogan certainly applies. For starters, you shouldn’t wash your hair daily. Washing too often can do more harm than good. And the strange part is that the more you wash your hair, the oilier your scalp becomes. This is because you get rid of the oil that your scalp naturally produces, and in the process, you dry out your scalp causing it to make even more oil. Unfortunately, there is no strict formula for how often you should wash your hair because it depends on your hair type. People with curlier and drier hair can rely on washing their hair once a week, while those with oilier hair may need to wash it a few times a week.

Keeping it Organic and Natural

Using chemical-based products can cause serious health issues that may lead to cancer development. Aside from overall health risks, personal products such as shampoos and conditioners come into complete contact with our skin, hair, eyes and mouths. So the first thing you need to do is start reading labels to avoid synthetic and toxin materials that often appear in hair care products. These chemicals are also far too harsh on your skin, drying out your scalp and your hair.

Natural and organic hair products gently revive your hair and scalp. You’ll notice your hair is shinier and much softer. We offer natural hair products made from high-quality natural ingredients that protect and nourish your hair. One of our favourite hair products is the Shampoo Bar. We love it because it’s the best thing out there. These bars are free of preservatives, contain no animal products, are biodegradable, perfect for travelling and made from natural oils and ingredients that really take care of your hair. Sometimes the old fashion way is the best. The formula lathers quickly, and you can be sure it’s free of chemicals, toxins and packaging. We, Of course, wefer more than natural hair products. We love these shampoo bars because they use no plastic packaging so that the environment and your hair are both protected.

Natural Hair Products & Remedies

Many natural homemade recipes and ingredients protect and nourish your hair. Whether you have an itchy scalp or have dry, oily, sun-damaged or fizzy hair, there are ways to take care of it. Eggs, yogurt and honey are examples of natural (and inexpensive) ingredients that give your hair the boost it needs. There’s no need to rely on chemicals. Instead, take care of your hair and your health using what nature offers.

Let’s live life naturally with natural hair products.