The Dominican Republic has now experienced a rebirth of the natural hair movement, thanks to Miss Rizos, also known as Carolina Contreras. Her salons are unique because she seeks to style hair and helps the women who walk in feel good in their own skin and accept their natural hair as beautiful. She has since teamed up with Unilever in hopes of using their co-joined effort to create a self-love and acceptance movement for women. It has been an incredible experience for both her and the lives of the women she has impacted.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Miss Rizos started a revolution of sorts when she opened the first natural hair salon in her hometown in Santo Domingo in 2014.
  • Because Contreras has become a significant force in the natural hair community for fighting stereotypes, Unilever partnered with her on their #QueTeMueve campaign.
  • The QueTeMueve campaign was significant to Contreras because she wanted to inspire people whatever she did, and the movement made that possible.

“The natural hair movement in the US has been gaining steam for a while, but it was Carolina Contreras, aka Miss Rizos, who really launched it in her birthplace of the Dominican Republic.”

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