She-Mazing puts forth an article on Irish women and how they prefer to get ready in the morning. Only a quarter of women take less than 30 minutes to get their hair and makeup done, with many taking 45 minutes or more. To save time, some do their hair and makeup on public transportation to work. But, whatever way or method an Irish woman might choose, DAFNI’s new wireless straighter brush can improve the whole experience.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Every woman has a different routine about fashion, and it also applies when it concerns a woman having to get ready in the morning.
  • The hair aspect of an appearance is what some women prefer when going out, while others would like to attend to their makeup.
  • Of the women surveyed about how much they spend their morning getting ready, 16 percent said they spend 45 minutes doing their hair. Take advantage of a wireless straighter brush to prepare much faster in the morning.

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“According to Ireland’s leading hairdressers, nearly HALF of Irish women would prefer to style their hair in the morning than spend time putting on makeup.”

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