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There are many simple preventative steps that you can take to prevent damaging your hair and keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and shiny. First, avoid making your ponytail too tight, which puts too much pressure on hair follicles and can lead to alopecia. Second, brush your hair regularly, supporting a healthy scalp and continuous hair growth. While this might not be the most fashionable thing, a swimming cap protects your hair from chlorine and sun damage. Also, when brushing wet hair, do so gently to not break the individual strands. Finally, when towel drying your hair, go easy to avoid frizz, tangles, and breakage.

Key Takeaways

  • If your ponytail is too tight, this could lead to hair loss and damage your hair.
  • You can protect your hair by wetting it before entering a swimming pool so it won’t absorb so much chlorine.
  • Give your hair time to dry before bed because wet hair is more likely to get damaged while you sleep.

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