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Let the power of lavender improve the meaning of your life with our Soy Candle Lavender. The Clean Day Soy Candles are yet another addition to the proud family of our unique Mrs. Meyers Candles. Also known as vegetable-based candles, these are carefully manufactured with the natural extracts of lavender oil to impart a decent and obsessive smell into the atmosphere these candles are blown in. These soy candles bring the “true meaning of life.” The widely experienced features and benefits of these jar candles are listed below.

Addictive and Long-Lasting Aroma

The most crucial feature of lavender oil is its extraordinary fragrance, leaving your guests in awe and surprise. The more you get used to its refreshing smell, the more you would love to increase its usage daily. It dispels the foul odours from your house by engulfing the overall atmosphere with a sweet and pleasant aroma that everyone loves.

Induces Positive Energies With Soy Candle Lavender

Another great feature of this soy candle is that it is known for imparting positivity all around you. You will notice that all the depression and disappointments that you were experiencing before entering the environment created by these candles have gone away. Therefore, it will uplift your mood and make you positive even about the negative happenings in your surroundings.

Boosts Productivity With Soy Candle Lavender

The features mentioned above do not come alone. They have a spillover effect on your overall productivity, too. The environment these soy candles create makes you more enthusiastic and productive by improving a positive attitude toward your personal and professional lives. Moreover, the long-lasting effects of these candles will mend your ways, inching you more towards success by healing up your broken soul.

BenefitsThey are packed in decent glass candle jars.

  • Recycled jars for environmental protection and safety.
  • Candle jars with lids for ease of repeated usage.
  • A case of 6 to reduce your costs. 

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Additional Specifications

  • Country of origin: USA
  • Size: 7.2 OZ
  • Pack of: 6
  • Product Selling Unit: case