As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Are you tired of fighting the same old stereotype candles in your house? It’s time for a unique candle buzz. It is introducing an impeccable addition to our exclusive candle collection. Tahitian vanilla candle has been the talk of the town in candle mania these days. It looks and lights up in style for hours, compels others to fall in love with it. The unique Tahitian ingredient collection adds exclusivity to this great candle, making it second to none in the candle world. The sparkling features of this candle are mentioned below.

The Tahitian Affinity

Take yourself back to Tahiti Island in the center of the Pacific Ocean with our exotic candles. As the name speaks volumes, our candle is carefully made with the rarely found natural materials on Tahiti Island. So don’t let the nostalgic feeling of Tahiti bother you anymore. You can cherish your island memories by lighting up these candles within no time.

Ideal For Votive Purposes

Our recommended Tahitian candles are as promising as your vows. These candles create a votive environment to engulf every participant in religious ceremonies. These candles have everything it takes to be a part of any Church or memorial gatherings for votive purposes.

Refreshing Vanilla Flavor Of Tahitian Vanilla Candle

Let the natural ingredients of vanilla add spice to your life. These votive candles are offered in the most desired feature of vanilla flavour. The smell it generates adds further beauty and seriousness to the environment.

The Magic of Aloha Bay

The naturally extracted Aloha Bay resins make this candle more demanding. The addition of this candle is one of the proudest offerings of our company in the Aloha Bay Family. Aloha Bay is formed and mixed perfectly to create the natural effects we promise to offer our clients.

Pure and Natural With Tahitian Vanilla Candle

Living Life Natural always goes the extra mile to provide quality care for customers’ health. We also accept special care in protecting the environment as a part of our corporate responsibility. Therefore, our candles are made of pure and natural ingredients, free from toxic and harmful materials.


  • Longer burning times
  • A disposable size of 2 Oz per candle
  • A pack of 12 candles
  • Ideal with a candle jar
  • Authentically originated from the USA