Get yourself amazed with our very special Aloha Bay Rainbow Candle Jar. This unscented chakra jar gives you the sparkling split of 7 colours to soothe your every gaze. This unscented chakra jar is all you need to fulfill your candle-related voracity. The enticing features of our exclusive rainbow candle jar are mentioned below.

The Magic of Palm Wax

The candle comprises special Palm Wax instead of environmentally hostile conventional methods. The palm wax is specially collected from our chosen locations from all around the globe to deliver quality. You will find a massive difference if you compare our palm waxed candles with the market’s ordinary ones.

Inspired by Sri Yantra

The idea of our Aloha Bay candle jar is inspired by the centuries-old mystical concept of Sri Yantra. The triangular school of thought concerning Sri Yantra is believed to have magical effects on the surrounding it is practiced in. So get this candle jar and experience the impact of this unique school of thought.

Exotic Rainbow Colors With Aloha Bay Rainbow Candle Jar

The exotic split of 7 different colours will keep giving an effect of what we call VIBGYOR. These rainbow effects will bring back the colours into your tragic life. We have taken special care in manufacturing these colours to maintain symmetry to keep the colourful balance intact.

No Artificiality

No artificial scents are used in our candles that may harm the atmosphere it is used in. Living Life Natural is very careful about the health of its customer base. We have used natural and organic materials to manufacture this candle.

Long Burning Time Of Aloha Bay Rainbow Candle Jar

Our unique candle has a long burning time of up to 100 hours. Apart from that, it is reusable multiple times.

Aesthetic Elevation

Our beautiful candle jar is all set to add beauty to your interior. Let the guests be pleasantly surprised with this exotic addition to your aesthetic collection. Enjoy the colours of this candle to attract praise from everyone who visits your house.

Benefits Aloha Bay Rainbow Candle Jar

  • Naturally unscented
  • Made with natural and organic materials
  • No harmful materials
  • The ideal size of 16 OZ candle
  • Reusable many times
  • Attractive design