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How will you attain inner peace? Humanity has been striving to answer This simple but highly critical question for centuries. This million-dollar question has originated multiple studies and research in medical and psychological fields. Among them is a Chinese school of thought that has coined the idea of Feng Shui. The Feng Shui Inner Peace candle, is a masterpiece to address the very question of attaining inner peace. This unique Aloha Bay candle is tailored to create an overall environment that helps achieve mental satisfaction and inner peace, irrespective of unfortunate circumstances.

Let’s go through the highlights of the Feng Shui Inner Peace Candle.

The Power of Feng Shui Inner Peace Candle

The Aloha Bay is itself a natural element that attracts the power of positivity around you and takes you to the world of peace and eternity. These Aloha Bay elements are mixed in this candle with a particular ratio that excites the positivity in the environment around you.

How Feng Shui Elements Promote Inner Peace?

Feng Shui means “wind-water,” Its elements, if mixed in the air or wind around you, create a reasonably soothing effect from your inside to make you feel relaxed and calm. This old Chinese idea works on creating harmony with the external environment and synchronizing your inner self with whatever is going on outside.

Used for Multiple Objectives

This palm wax Candle only needs to be burnt in your work environment. For example, you can place it inside your home, gym, and office. The look of this burning candle will give you a psychological boost to remain optimistic about your feelings, emotions, and things around you.

Replacement of Relaxing Medication

A life of internal satisfaction is priceless. That’s why people spend thousands of dollars purchasing relaxants and antidepressants. But why go for expensive and daunting solutions when you have a harmless and straightforward option just a click away?

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  • They are carefully made with natural palm wax.
  • 5 OZ per Candle.
  • Indonesian origin.
  • No toxic material was used.
  • Reusable candle jar.