This isn’t the first time we’re writing about the dangers and issues related to plastic and how to get in habit of living plastic-free. In a short video, Jeff Bridges addresses this hot topic, asking: “when did we become a plastic society?”

In this video he asks us to “open our eyes” and see how plastic has basically taken over. Everything from our packaging, to our bags, bottles, cups and straws are made from this poisonous material. Have you ever stopped to think what happens when we’re done with plastic? Or how it impacts our environment, the animals and our own personal health?

The Recycling Myth of Plastic

Here’s what you may be thinking: “I recycle.” The truth is, it doesn’t go far. This is because it’s a myth – there’s no such thing as ‘recycling’ plastic – it’s actually called down-cycling, because after a few times, plastic cannot be up cycled and reused, ending up in landfill.

Jeff says it best: “plastic is a substance the Earth cannot digest.” It really can’t get any clearer. This means all the plastic we’ve used and continue to use, never ever go away. It ends up in our water and oceans, in landfill and becomes food for the animals.

We’re not here to just deliver bad news. There are ways – simple ones at that – to help reduce and even eliminate your plastic consumption. Think about it, for everything that’s made out of plastic, there are non-plastic options. All we have to do is seek them, learn about them and become a bit more disciplined. And before you know it, you’ll be living a plastic-free life.

6 Really Easy and Simple Ways to Live Plastic-Free

These are great first steps for anyone trying to live with less waste. If the list seems overwhelming, start out with a few of them until you establish a habit.

  • Your very own tote bag. These babies are super easy to carry around. Fold it away in your pocket and use when needed. Check out our funky market bags made from organic cotton to get an idea.
  • A mug to carry with you wherever you go! I carry mine with me in my bag to campus (to make tea or coffee) or when I fly so that I don’t use plastic cups. I’m not really for hurrying around with a coffee mug, because I rather take my time and have my drink in peace. But if you’re constantly on the go, then think about a stainless one that doesn’t leak.
  • Shampoo bars. I have far too many reasons for the switch to these guys. Chemicals and toxins in shampoo harm you and the planet. Plus, they’re always packaged in plastic bottles. Get shampoo bars; protect the planet, your hair and your health.
  • Switch to bamboo toothbrushes. They’re so much prettier – and of course, made from a sustainable source.
  • Ditch the plastic straw. Think about all the chemicals and toxins you expose yourself to every time you have a drink. Get a stainless, glass or bamboo one instead – or drink without one.
  • Cutlery: buy bamboo or take a small set with you on the go. It hardly takes any up any room in your bag, and it’s an easy way to say NO to plastic.

Refuse plastic and choose to live with compassion – for the planet and for your own health. It doesn’t have to be difficult. These are some of simple choices we had in mind. Got simple alternatives of your own? Don’t be shy. Comment below to share with us how you’ll try to live plastic-free.