It’s travel time. And while we love exploring the beautiful corners of the world, nobody has time and patience for packing that bag. So here’s the dilemma: how do you pack super light and not get stuck in the rain without your umbrella. And of course, what about that fancy dinner you want to have in the historic streets of Paris. So here are my top personal tips for minimalist packing that I have found very helpful. Hope you find them useful.

Pick the Right Bag

That’s right. You can’t possibly fit a full suitcase in a rucksack or carry-on. So you must invest in a durable and lightweight bag. But also, before you begin packing, give yourself that ‘limited’ storage space and the chances of you overpacking will be much lower.

NO What Ifs

If you’re going through your stuff and justifying it with ‘what if,’ – put it back in your closet and forget about it. And if you really come to need it (which I promise you won’t), you can always buy it wherever you are. Of course, I don’t mean for you to go underprepared. Check the weather and be practical.

Minimum Electronics

Laptops, phones, cameras, kindles, iPods, and the list go on. Think about what you’ll be doing on this trip? Maybe you can take your phone and take care of music and pictures all in one? Think about it: for every item, there’s also the charger. So it can add up, taking a lot more room than you anticipated.

Hand Wash your Delicate

Minimalist packing doesn’t mean you have to throw hygiene out of the window. But don’t overpack the socks and underwear. They dry so quickly and are easy to wash when you’re taking a shower, with no extra time.

Wear the Bulky Stuff

Do you know those heavy runners and that puffy jacket you have to take with you? Wear it. This will save you a lot of room, and chances are that a warm coat will come in handy while travelling (planes and trains can get cold!)

Keep Personal items SOLID.

Travelling with liquids is annoying for several reasons. First, you have to constantly worry about the airline guidelines; it may leak, get pretty heavy, and be bulky. Are you convinced? One thing that has really helped me is switching from conventional shampoo and conditioner to Shampoo Bars. One small product can take care of your hair, and there’s no need for a conditioner because it’s so gentle to your hair. And one small bar lasts for up to two months. I love them so much that I have switched over entirely, travelling or not.

Material of Clothing

There are several reasons why the material of your clothing matters. You want to, for example, be sure it doesn’t quickly wrinkle and that it dries fast. But also, many travellers swear by wool because it basically never stinks. Not bad?

The Power of Versatility

Now, versatility – the beauty of anything minimal, and this includes, of course, minimalist packing. Here are a few things you want to consider: comfortable for walking around all day but can also be dressed up for a special evening dinner; can be layered for warmer and cooler climates; goes with the rest of your clothes; light to pack.

Plan your Outfits

I literally do this every single time I travel. It sounds tedious, but I don’t have the patience to get to my hostel to see that I feel crappy with the jeans and shirt I took. I am much happier knowing I feel good and comfortable in my clothes. But also, this is how those extra T-shirts sneak into your luggage. So plan the outfits, understand what goes with what, and take exactly and only what you’ll need.

Coordinate with a Friend

If you both wear contacts, for example, maybe one of you can bring the solution, and the other one can be responsible for the shampoo. We use some of the same things, so coordinate to make sure you can help each other keep your bag very light.

And of course, if you’re travelling for a long time, still pack for seven days. You can always wash your clothes. Got any excellent tips for minimalist packing? Share with us in the comment section below.

Happy Traveling!

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