What is all this minimalism talk about? What does it mean to become a minimalist? And most importantly, what are the benefits of switching over to a lifestyle with more minors? Not to worry – we’re here to walk you through it all. Are you ready?

What is Minimalism?

It’s a pretty simple concept. Minimalism is a lifestyle that seeks to cut down our material possessions to essentials. So it is that we can live a better and more prosperous life with less. The truth is, many of us become strapped down because of all the stuff we own. Our closets, garage and homes are filled with things we don’t need or use. Minimalism offers a lifestyle that says no to stuff, cuts off the excess and celebrates the luxury of space and time.

Going minimalist applies to all aspects of our lives. This includes the way we decorate our home or our fashion sense, the gadgets we own in the kitchen (that never get used) and all the baby toys we buy for our little ones. At this point, you may be wondering if going minimal is right for you? Here are a few questions you may want to consider:

Too Much Stress? Too Little Money?

Owning too much creates an unnecessary busy life. We spend a lot of money on things we’ve convinced ourselves we need, and as a result, we begin to cater to this lifestyle we’ve chosen. Constantly paying the bills, cleaning up and being stressed because we don’t have enough time or money.

Now imagine if you only had what you needed. Imagine how enjoyable it would be to wake up in a clutter-free home. Or think about getting ready in the mornings without having to spend hours on your outfit. By embracing a minimalist lifestyle, you train yourself and your family to live with less so that you can experience more. Your time and money go towards all the things you love doing. You can now travel, go to that concert you always wanted to or si, or for that language course.

Where to Start?

The thought of de-cluttering is more complex than the actual act. But, I promise that you’ll never look back and miss that lamp you never needed. The first place to start is by de-cluttering your home. We’ve written about how you can do that before, so check out our blog.

Go through all your stuff and be relentless. Seriously. Ask yourself the following: Do I LOVE it? Do I NEED it? If your answer to both questions is yes, then keep it. Another way to think about going minimal is the 100 Thing Challenge. This means you get rid of everything you have except 100 items. These include your personal items, clothes, yoga mats etc. But remember, the point isn’t to torture yourself. You can always modify this list to make it suitable for your life. To learn more about this challenge, check out Courtney Carver’s list of 100 things.

Last but not least, remember this: a lifestyle shift can take time. It doesn’t have to happen overnight. But, step by step, you can transfer your life to one that isn’t weighed down by things. So join us this month for our Minimalist May challenge, where every day, you give up one thing you don’t need.

Got questions? Comment below, and we’ll answer right away.

Happy Minimalist May to all!