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Here’s a question we often get: what are the benefits of green tea? Some people consider green tea one of the healthiest drinks out there. It’s filled with antioxidants and nutrients that can enhance your overall health. Some of the benefits include a boost in energy levels, fat loss, brain function and even lower cancer risk.

Green tea is originally from China. The difference between green, black and oolong tea is the withering and oxidation. In fact, they all come from the plant Camellia Sinensis.

Keep the Quality Top-Notch

Like everything else, quality matters, Uncle Lee’s Green Tea brings you the most acceptable premium bulk green tea in original loose leaves, straight from the wild mountains of China. The tea is hand-picked to ensure that it’s non-fermented and retains its light green colour and natural sweetness. In addition, green tea doesn’t go through the same fermentation process, so it contains the highest level of antioxidants.

To fully reap the benefits of green tea, it’s essential to get your hands on the purest and most natural source out there. Uncle Lee’s Green Tea guarantees no artificial flavouring, and it’s completely natural, healthy and delicious.

What Are the Benefits of Green Tea?

When it comes to the benefits of green tea, the list can go on. But here are some of the benefits you should really know about:

Weight Loss

One of the main compounds in green tea is Epigallocatechin Gallate, which promotes and enhances fat burning. Green tea is also known to increase metabolism to help the body lose weight. However, you cannot solely rely on green tea to help you with your fat loss goals. Accompanied by a healthy and balanced lifestyle, green tea, as a healthy beverage, can boost your fat loss.


Many people use green tea for its age-defying qualities. Many skincare products actually contain green tea in them as well. Green tea has antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory, which really helps with skin when you drink it and apply it directly to your skin.

Health Benefits

There are loads of other benefits to drinking green tea. For example, it helps regulate glucose levels and helps with diabetes. Also, green tea can help reduce cholesterol in the blood and helps with blood pressure and heart diseases.

Caffeine Boost

While green tea doesn’t have the same amount of caffeine as coffee, it still can help with a gentle boost and help energize you. If caffeine is a no-no for you, then go ahead and read about the benefits of Herbal Tea.

Lots to Choose From

And of course, depending on what you’re into, you can choose a green tea flavour and type that best suits your taste buds. When it comes to relaxing, there’s nothing better than sitting back and enjoying a hot cup of tea. And if you’re really not into hot drinks this summer, then go on and make yourself some iced tea.

Next time someone asks: what are the benefits of Green tea; you’ve got the answer. Now, go ahead and brew yourself a delicious cup of tea. Enjoy!

What are the Benefits of Green Tea for Your Health and Happiness?
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What are the Benefits of Green Tea for Your Health and Happiness?
Here’s a question we get often: what are the benefits of green tea? Some people consider green tea to be one of the healthiest of drinks out there.
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