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It doesn’t just smell great – coconut oil is considered a “superfood” and a key ingredient to your overall health. It’s just one of those things you want to be sure to have around the house. The benefits and uses are endless.

Research shows that coconut oil has a unique combination of fatty acids that have therapeutic effects on several brain disorders. It also reduces the risk of seizures and helps boost brain function in Alzheimer’s patients. In addition, Lauric Acid kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. And when it comes to your personal health, you can rely on coconut oil to increase your energy level and help you burn fat. It even kills hunger and reduces appetite, helping you consume fewer calories. Coconut oil also improves blood cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart disease. Other benefits include the protection of your hair and skin.

The very best part about your very own jar of organic coconut oil is that there are LOTS you can do with it, from cooking to homemade products, body butter, and tooth whitening.

With all the benefits we just named, plus the delicious taste and unique smell, the first thing you want to do is eat it. One of our favourite ways of using coconut oil is adding a teaspoon to our smoothies to give them a nice creamy touch. You can also add it to your favourite stews (and just remember it goes well with shrimp and veggies – YUM).

Coconut oils are also used in many natural beauty products because of its natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. In addition, it smells great and offers moisture to your skin and hair. So say goodbye to counter body lotions and go straight for a jar of this oil – use it to moisturize and heal your skin. It’s even great as a makeup remover, under-eye cream, shaving cream, and conditioner for your hair.

There are many DIY recipes out there that rely on coconut oil as their main ingredient. One of our favourites is Lauren Singer’s healthy and straightforward toothpaste recipe. Keep in mind that one of the most impressive qualities of these oils is that it whitens teeth and heal your mouth.

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