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For some people, becoming a vegetarian seems like a ‘no-no.’ For others, there isn’t a shred of doubt when it comes to saying good-bye to meat. Then we have people on the fence – maybe they like their heart but care about the cause. In any case, it’s essential for us to learn about the various benefits of becoming a vegetarian and to realize that it’s actually not that difficult.

Research shows that the perception of vegetarianism on health has gone through its own transformation in the last two decades. While “in 1980 the American Dietetic Association (ADA) had serious doubts about whether a vegetarian diet is nutritionally sound,” today the position has changed almost entirely.

It doesn’t matter from what angle we look at it: going veggie is beneficial for our health and the environment and makes us more mindful of animal rights. By eating less meat, you reduce cancer risk and even lose weight. In addition, to really go green, help our environment and reduce greenhouse gases, it’s essential to acknowledge that giving up meat, or at least reducing it, is necessary. Stats show that “raising cattle for beef and milk spews more greenhouse gases into the air than all of the cars currently on the road.” When we review the benefits of vegetarianism, we realize we don’t actually need meat in our diets. So why harm animals and rob them of a life?

Going veggie can be tricky for many people because they think it’s not healthy – or that vegetarian foods are not as delicious and are a hassle to prepare. But will share with you a delightful and creamy lentil soup recipe that makes being a vegetarian easy and tasty. Are you ready?


1 large onion

1 large potato

1 large carrot

2 cups red lentils


Tomato Sauce

Spices: salt, pepper & turmeric


First, lightly fry diced onions with oil until slightly golden. Then add 2 teaspoons of turmeric, salt and pepper. Here you can go ahead and add any other favourite spices you like. For example, we like to add some ginger sometimes, and many prefer to add some garlic. In the next step, you want to add your diced carrots and potatoes and mix them with your onions that have become softened. Allow 5-10 minutes, and then add your lentils and mix. From this point, add your tomato sauce and 3-4 cups of water. Allow 1 hour of cooking time for the lentils to break down and turn creamy. The potatoes and carrots should also be soft.

Remember, everyone’s lentil soup will taste different – that’s the beauty of it. Swap the potato for sweet potato if you like a sweeter taste. Add your favourite spices. If you want a thicker soup, use less water, and add more if you’re looking for something lighter. This is a straightforward, quick and delicious soup that is nutritious, full of protein and incredibly filling!

It’s your turn now. Get in touch with us and share your favourite vegetarian recipe.

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