12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days just passed by, and 2014 is about to get wrapped up. Finally, the New Year is around the corner, and there’s really no better opportunity to reflect on what we did and what we plan to do next and try our best for a green new year ahead.

There’s nothing wrong with setting those personal goals, getting fit and eating healthily, travelling to new places, and maybe buying a property or graduating from college. But it’s also our social and human responsibility to take care of our home. The one thing we all share in common is the planet, and while we are under the illusion that nothing will really happen to it, the truth is that if we don’t make some profound changes, we will be in grave danger. So why not set goals that help us towards a green new year?

To some of us, it may seem daunting to go ‘green,’ but there are simple steps we can take together to improve the state of our planet. But, of course, there’s no such thing as all or nothing – let 2015 be the year you begin to make a few conscious choices, and soon you’ll see that living green can become a lifestyle. At  LivingLifeNatural.com, we know this can be difficult, so we’ve prepared 6 green and straightforward New Year’s Resolutions to get you started.

Eat Less Meat

Going completely vegetarian can be difficult. But you can always reduce your meat consumption. The best way to go about it is by beginning to give your body “off” days. This is great for your personal health and can really cleanse your body, but it also helps the environment by reducing global warming. Going veggie can save significant amounts of water, reduce methane, decrease the destruction of topsoil and tropical rain forests and help ensure environmental sustainability.

Become Toxin-Free

It’s essential to do your research. You’ll be shocked to find the number of harmful chemicals in your daily products, things you use every day, and things you put into your mouth and directly on your skin. Imagine your toothpaste, beauty products, clothing detergents and even food items. So this year, when you buy new products, read the labels and be sure you know what they’re made of. Then, be mindful of what you use.

Electronic Cleanse

There’s no need for the latest smartphone or tablet. Promise yourself that in 2015, you’ll stop yourself from buying any new electronic device unless something is broken and completely unusable. If you do replace your old electronics, make sure you recycle correctly! Also, just try to use your electronics less this year. Once in a while, give your mind and body a rest from the screen.

Shop Responsibly

Everyone loves to shop. And there are responsible ways to go about it. This year, commit to buying at least one item you regularly purchase from a local and ethical source. For example, make sure your makeup is cruelty-free or that your clothes are locally produced. Support businesses that strive to create products that are eco-friendly and ethical.

Connect with Mother Earth

Spend more time with nature, learn her ways, listen to the sound of water and walk through parks. Forget about big and heavy machines. Instead, exercise outdoors, go for a walk or a run, and do yoga beside the beach. By genuinely connecting to Mother Earth, we begin to understand her beauty and power. If this doesn’t inspire change, what will?


Tell yourself that 2015 will not be a year of negligence. Educate yourself, learn about what’s going on and begin making small changes. Make a reading list, follow campaigns, donate, volunteer, change your ways and take action! Together we can make this a green new year.

Take care of the planet, and it will take care of you

Happy 2015 green new year, Everyone!