It’s that time of the year again! So are you already preparing your eco-friendly new year’s resolutions? With the New Year around the corner, we’re all thinking of ways to make the best out of it – to make it really count. But we want to make 2022 even more special so let’s set eco-friendly New Year’s Resolutions for a green and healthy 2022.

Green Books

Many people strive to read more. So why not a green reading list for 2022? First, we must learn about the state of our planet and understand what actually goes on. One of the best ones out there is Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything. Be sure to get your hands on it. Another great way to keep your reading eco-friendly is by going paperless. And if you really do love your book in hard copy, try to find it second hand or get it from the library.

Buy Wisely

We must become more aware of our shopping. Interrogate every item you pick up. Make that your goal. Ask yourself the following: is this local? Is it organic? Natural? Does it have sustainable packaging? How is it sourced? Who makes it? Is it free of animal testing? And of course, if you don’t need it, put it down.

More Veggies; Less Meat

Maybe it has been a lifetime goal, and 2022 is finally the year you’ll become a vegetarian. The truth of the matter is that going veggie is excellent for your health, the environment and it makes us more mindful of animal rights. But maybe you’re not ready to go all out. No worries – start out by reducing meat and having veggie-days. By eating less meat, you reduce the risk of cancer and even lose weight. You also help the environment by reducing greenhouse gases.

Get Moving

For many of us, the New Year is associated with more exercise. Be sure to keep your workout routine eco-friendly too! Use your body instead of big gyms and machines – think about all the water and electricity that gets used up. Who needs big gadgets anyway? One of your Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions should be to walk or cycle. You get exercise and avoid using the car.

Produce Less Waste

Today’s culture pushes us towards objects and things. Make this year about experiences instead. Tell yourself you’ll consume and buy less. What if you started 2022 with a shopping cleanse? Maybe challenge yourself by buying from second-hand shops or limiting yourself to one item each season. Start really thinking about the waste you produce as an individual. Assess your trash bin. Can you avoid any of it?

These are some general ideas to help you get started towards your own personal Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions. Make them specific. For example, if you want to read more about climate change and the environment, then think about how many books you’ll read for the year? Also, don’t forget to check out our BLOG to read about all things natural, organic and green.

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Cheers to an Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions and Earth-Friendly 2022!