Many of us have embarked on a new journey to make our homes and offices eco-friendly and waste-free. This means a shift in our mindset, reducing our consumption, de-cluttering our space, tossing out the plastic, composting and even making some of our own products – ultimately, our goal is to choose a sustainable lifestyle over one that is disposable, one-time and wasteful. We share our homes with our family and loved ones, and if we want to work towards a more environmentally friendly world…well, it’s got to start from our own homes and offices. So today, we will discuss what to do towards a green office.

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We also spend a lot of our time in our offices. Some people would even say they spend most of their days behind their desks. So, with this in mind, we thought it was time for a green office – a sustainable business environment that is in line with our core values towards the well-being of our planet.

Change the Culture of Your Office

When we speak about an eco-friendly home, we talk about changing the culture. The same applies here. It’s essential for those who enter your office to recognize its values. Too much clutter and stuff looks messy and unprofessional and suggests waste. Make “reduce, reuse, recycle” your motto – and only after you’ve refused anything you don’t absolutely need.

Time For a Green Office

One of the first steps is to be more mindful of your electricity usage. Duh? This seems obvious and easy, but it actually requires discipline and planning. The first step is becoming aware of where we are using more than we need because then we can start cutting down. One way to ensure you’re using your electricity wisely is by providing your computers and monitors set to energy-efficient settings. Then, turn off all your equipment at the end of the day and make sure you turn off the light when you leave the room.

Eco-Friendly Supplies

A green office needs to use products that are also green – this means things like 100% recycled paper and toxin-free highlighters and pens. Also, don’t forget about products you use to keep your office clean – off-the-counter cleaning products are often packed with chemicals that are harmful to your health. Instead, use white vinegar to clean your counters, and add a few drops of orange essential oil to make it smell heavenly.

Think Less Paper or Paperless

We all use laptops, tablets and smartphones – this makes the possibility of going paperless much easier. Instead, try to read on-screen, and if you think it’s impossible to say goodbye to paper, then at least turn to 100% recycled paper. Whiteboards are also a great way to take notes, share ideas and brainstorm without using the form.

Greener Office

We’re being literal because if there’s anything a green office need is a plant. This way, you can freshen the air naturally and have it serve as a reminder of just how beautiful nature is. Also, we’re more likely to protect it by connecting with it.

And here you have it – 5 easy ways to make your work environment green and sustainable. Think about your daily choices and habits. Do they represent your values? At, we promote a natural, organic and green lifestyle. Support us by signing up for our News Letter and joining us on our journey.