Many of us are looking to downsize, de-clutter, and consume less – all to save energy, the planet and a few dollars. There’s no doubt that lots have to be done, but believe it or not, sometimes the small steps we take make all the difference.

The goal is to become mindful and aware of our consumption, and from there, reducing it isn’t all that difficult. The best part is that the entire family can get involved. In fact, the family should get involved. This is an excellent way for parents to include their children in what goes on in the house. You’ll be surprised how simple and fun it can all be. You’ll be doing something beneficial for your home, the environment and your pocket.

We’ve divided the home into 4 general sections: heating & cooling, cooking, washing and appliances.

Some Practical Suggestions For All

1. Get cozy in the winter. Get your jumper on, wool socks and sweat pants to keep you nice and warm

2. Keep your heat on low rather than switching it on and off for big blasts of heat – also, get to know the timer and avoid heating an empty house

3. In the summertime, use curtains and shades to prevent the sun from heating your space

4. Avoid preheating your oven

5. Open your refrigerator only when you need something

6. While cooking, keep the oven closed – every time you open it, the temperature drops

7. Keep the fridge and the freezer full to save energy. Empty space in your fridge or freezer wastes space and energy

8. Use toaster ovens and microwaves to heat food rather than conventional ovens

9. Wash your clothes at a lower temperature – You’ll end up using less electricity and saving money

10. Hang up your laundry to dry – this will even save you ironing time

11. Avoid high-pressure showers and keep ‘em short

12. Combine all your laundry into one load – get used to spotting cleaning as well. Don’t throw your shirt in the basket because of a stain – remove the stain instead and avoid washing

13. Set your dishwasher on economy mode to save water and electricity

14. Switch off or unplug any appliances or chargers you don’t need on – because just by keeping things plugged in, you can be using energy

15. Don’t leave anything on. If you’re not using it, turn it off

16. Let the sun into your home. Use candles at night and avoid using too much light

17. If you use a computer, consider switching over from a desktop to a laptop

Here you have some of the ways we save energy. It’s your turn now. Comment below and share your tips with us. Sign up for our News Letter to receive promotions and updates.