Did you know that today’s earth’s surface is the hottest compared to the recordings made in the past thirty years? The 21st century’s major environmental problem is undergoing severe climate change due to global warming, making the surface of the earth warmer and sea levels rise considerably.

Global warming destroys the earth’s surface as more and more carbon emissions from industries affect the ozone layer. Some of the most disastrous implications are melting glaciers and rising sea levels. However, as individuals, we can do our bit to reverse or at least stop radical climate change by making some practical changes in our everyday lifestyles.

What Can Be Done To Reverse Global Warming?

By conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions, global warming can be slowed down if not halted. However, for that to happen, individuals must be willing to make certain amendments to their lifestyle, which would collectively bring the emission of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide under control.

Cutting Down On Frivolous Energy Consumption

Electric power generation is one of the significant factors that contribute to the production of greenhouse gases. This is because electric power is generated from burning fossil fuels that ultimately give rise to carbon emissions. However, you can switch to a greener lifestyle by replacing your regular energy-consuming CFL bulbs with energy savers or LED bulbs, which take up a fraction of standard bulbs’ energy. By making this smart move, you will notice a radical decrease in your electricity bill and cut down on almost 700 pounds of carbon dioxide.

When buying new electronic appliances, you may want to spend a little extra and invest in home appliances that are energy efficient. By switching to eco-friendly electronic appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators or dishwashers, you will be able to save up on your electricity bill. When shopping for green appliances, check the energy star label that indicates the appliance’s ‘green’ status.

Focus On Fuel Efficiency

Transportation in the US is regarded as the second factor contributing to the increased greenhouse gas production. In addition, one-third of carbon emissions are emitted by automobiles. Therefore, environmentally conscious individuals can drive fuel-efficient vehicles that give good mileage but do not consume excessive fuel. Hybrid cars are definitely a good option for they are fitted with state-of-the-art gas-electric engines that can reduce carbon emissions by a staggering 30%, which will decrease global warming.

Green Living Begins At Home

As strange as it seems, yard maintenance is also responsible for its fair share of contribution to the emission of greenhouse gases. This is because lawnmowers, weed eaters and leaf blowers emit hydrocarbons almost 34 times more than standard lawn maintenance equipment.

What you can do to save your surroundings is to reduce the size of the lawn in your backyard so that it can be maintained easily without heavy-duty lawn maintenance equipment. Also, start recycling your waste to save a great deal of energy instead of wasting it on manufacturing new products.

These are three main aspects that you can focus on to save environmental degradation while living a greener, healthier lifestyle.

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