Global warming is probably the most pressing issue of our time, and a handy list of climate change books is an excellent way to inspire a greener lifestyle. It impacts all of us, no matter who we are or where we live, and it takes all of us to create change and improve the situation. Why? Well, if you know the story, facts, and science behind global warming, deforestation, extinction, etc., you’ll undoubtedly want to do something about it. Knowledge is power, and once you’ve got that, you’ll know exactly where you can make changes to your lifestyle to live more sustainably.

Climate Change Books to Add to Your Reading List

Here are four excellent books on climate change and environmental sustainability. You got to start somewhere, and we recommend these titles.

  • The Rough Guide to Climate Change by Robert Henson is indeed a great place to start. If you have head terms such as climate change and global warming but really don’t know what they mean, this book is for you. It starts with the basics, and it’s the best book for any eco beginner.
  • Mike Berners-Lee’s book titled How Bad are Bananas?: The Carbon Footprint of Everything is an excellent read if you want to learn about sustainable life choices. Our power lies in our knowledge of what we can do in our daily lives to promote a greener life, and this will be the book to get you there.
  • One of the best books on climate change you’ll ever come across will be This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate by activist and writer Naomi Klein. She will walk you through the politics of climate change, and when you’re done, you’ll know precisely why our economic system has to change if we want life to continue here on Earth. One of Klein’s most challenging and vital claims is that the green movement has been in denial about the best ways to tackle climate change.
  • Lastly, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet by Bill McKibben. If you’re a bit of a skeptic or unsure about the facts and statistics behind climate change, then this book will be great for you. McKibben clearly shows how climate change is already visible and talks about how we got here in the first place.

Other Sources

Informing ourselves about the harsh reality of climate change and global warming is our human responsibility. Everything we do in our daily lives impacts the planet, and we have the power to choose whether our impact is positive or negative. Learning the science and keeping up-to-date is essential, and without the information, there’s little we can do.

Following news and signing up for green initiatives and newsletters are great ways to keep yourself in check. There are also excellent environmental documentaries that you can watch.

The reality of climate change is pretty grim. The vast majority of the scientific community believes that human actions have caused these changes. While we’re to blame, we’re also the only ones who can fix it or improve the situation. We don’t have all the time either. We must act and act quickly. We’ve already made Mother Earth angry, and we’ve started to see it through extreme weather conditions, droughts, heatwaves, and animal extinction. Get your hands on climate change books, do your homework, and together, let’s protect our one and only home. We owe it to our planet, the next generation and ourselves.

Climate Change Books Everyone Should Read
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Climate Change Books Everyone Should Read
Global warming is probably the most pressing issue of our time and a handy list of climate change books is a good way to inspire a greener lifestyle.
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