We all want our homes to smell nice and fresh. There’s no better feeling than entering a space that smells like rose or jasmine. And if you’re into practicing yoga or meditation, a little atmosphere can go a long way, helping us delve deeper. Using natural incense oils is perhaps one of the easiest and healthiest ways of turning your space and home into your little garden.

No Chemicals, Please!

You’ve probably come across candles, incense oil, and sprays meant to give your home the boost it needs. Many of us refuse (for a good reason) to open our windows on those cold winter days. Or maybe, you’re really into your cooking but don’t appreciate the after-smell it leaves behind. But we live in our spaces, and it is only natural that we want to give them a boost, and filling it with a beautiful and calming aroma is one of the best ways of feeling right at home.

But here’s where we often face a problem: many of the advertised or off-the-counter air fresheners you come across are filled with toxins and chemicals that won’t give your home the boost it needs. Instead, they do the opposite by bringing you and your loved ones into close contact with harmful ingredients you inhale.

Phthalates are one of the many chemicals that you’ll find in the typical air freshener (and many other products). According to the NRDC, this is what it does:

When people use air fresheners, the phthalates are released into the air, where they may be inhaled or land on the skin and be absorbed. Once these chemicals enter the bloodstream, they can alter hormone levels and cause other health problems. For example, phthalates are known to interfere with the production of the male hormone testosterone and have been associated with reproductive abnormalities. Numerous animal studies have linked prenatal exposure to certain phthalates with decreases in testosterone, malformations of the genitalia, and reduced sperm production. The State of California notes that five types of phthalates—including one that we found in air freshener products—are “known to cause congenital disabilities or reproductive harm.” Phthalate exposure in indoor environments has also been associated with allergic symptoms and asthma. 

And this is just one of the many chemicals and harmful ingredients you come across when using commercial air fresheners. 

Natural Incense Oils, all Canadian-Made

I am not suggesting that we avoid all forms of air fresheners. There are natural and healthy ones out there too! So you can bring your favourite scent to your home without putting your health in harm’s way.

We carry many air fresheners, from incense sticks cones to oils and candles. We’re committed to bringing your favourite scent to your space without sacrificing health. This means everything you come across is made naturally, with nothing artificial.

Bring the Purest of Scents to your home.

Regarding your favourite natural incense oil, we’ve got you covered! The choices are endless, and you can play with scents that excite you the most. For example, if you like your home smelling floral and summery, you must try Jasmine and White Rose. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to freshen up your home, why not try Rain oil? The Yoga, Meditation or Spirituality scents are also pretty popular. They offer a combination of gentle scents that work in great harmony with one another to give you a unique experience. Try some out and let us know which you like best. 

How to Use

Now that you’re ready to choose your favourite natural incense oil, you’re probably thinking, “how do I use it?” Not to worry.

The first thing you’ll need (if you don’t already have one) is an Incense Oil Burner. You can choose one that suits your sense of style and the décor of your home. Make sure to place your burner on a flat surface. You then put a tea light on the base of the burner. Now here’s the trick. Many fill the dish with water and add a few drops of their oil. But if you want to extend your fragrance oil supply, you may want to try Natural Cutting Oil instead. And from here, you only add 3 to 4 drops of the incense oil and enjoy. 

What’s it going to be? Jasmine, Rose, or maybe the Yoga scent? Go on and have a look, and don’t forget to tell us which bouquet is your favourite. Remember, happiness begins in our home, and our house must be protected from toxins and chemicals.

Fill Your Space With Your Favourite Natural Incense Oils
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Fill Your Space With Your Favourite Natural Incense Oils
The use of natural incense oils are perhaps one of the easiest and healthiest ways of turning your space and home into your own little garden. Learn More!
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