What your capsule wardrobe looks like. Any items you can’t live without? I started waving ‘fast fashion’ goodbye about two years ago. I began thinking long and hard about the purchases I would make, the companies I would support and the money I spent on items that found themselves at the bottom of my wardrobe. So in January of 2016, my New Year’s Resolution was to go one year without shopping. And every time I received gifts that were clothing or accessories, I’d make a donation from my closet to ensure that I kept it small, manageable and minimal.

Spring of 2016, I also started to curate my own capsule wardrobe. This way, clothes that were out of season were packed away. I now choose my seasonal clothing items with care. I’ve realized a few things: we don’t need all the clothes we think we do. And if my clothes haven’t been touched months after months, it’s time to let them go. With a limited wardrobe, you want to be sure to have clothes that define your fashion style, meet your everyday needs and are comfortable and versatile.

Autumn is around the corner, which means it’s time for me to redesign my new capsule wardrobe. Some people use these transitional periods to freshen up their closets to invest in a few pieces. But because of my shopping ban, I’ll have to get creative with the clothes I already own. I have a few details that I know I can mend to make it wearable all over again. Having a capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and experiment with shopping. Instead, I suggest investing in some good quality basics that you can wear repeatedly. Why not visit a local charity shop for those more trendy and funky pieces? Buying second-hand means you’re not spending lots of money, and you’re certainly not adding to landfill waste. You can always donate back once you get tired of the details and keep the cycle going.

On to those classic pieces: here are 10 essential and timeless items of clothing that I keep in my capsule wardrobe. I keep these pieces versatile and neutral in colour. I can dress them up or make them super casual. They also come in handy for travelling. Ready?

Check out these 10 Essentials every Capsule Wardrobe needs

  1. Your favourite style of Black Jeans. This means whatever cut or style you feel comfortable in suits your body type.
  2. The Perfect Dress. It doesn’t have to be black, but it must be versatile. Think of a style that you can dress up with heels or dress down with sneakers. Wear jumpers over, jean shirts etc. The more outfits you can create, the better. Mine is a quarter sleeve, a short-striped dress that I wear with everything and keep in my capsule wardrobe all year long.
  3. Jean shirt: now think about a style and fabric you can wear under your jumpers, over T-shirts, on its own, over your dress etc. Something versatile and comfortable.
  4. White Shirt: the most classic, chic, and versatile clothing any woman or man can own. You can wear it in many ways, dressed up or totally casual.
  5. Striped TShirt: another classic and timeless item that you can dress up or down. Wear it with accessories and patterned scarves for a funkier look, or keep it simple and minimal with a classic gold necklace.
  6. A neutral Jumper: You want something with the right fit and the right colour. I have a cropped striped jumper that goes with everything else in my closet. I can throw it over a T-shirt or over my dress. If you’re dressier, you can invest in a lovely cardigan instead.
  7. Time for accessories. A comfortable and warm Statement Scarf can go a long way. It doesn’t have to be too crazy. But think of a flexible material that you’re comfortable in, and that can be used to give you various styles.
  8. Comfortable and practical Walking Shoes. The style is up to you. My summer walking shoes have been Birkenstocks for as long as I can remember. And in the Autumn, I rely on a good pair of sneakers that I wear with my black jeans or dress when I want to go for a casual look.
  9. A pair of Dressy Shoes: this may vary from person to person. But I would suggest a black or nude pair of pumps for a night out or black booties if you really like to keep them comfortable.
  10. A good Quality Bag that screams YOU. It’s up to you what that is, but I wouldn’t keep it safe. My everyday purse is bright yellow or red, and I wear them with everything and anything. Most of my wardrobe is pretty neutral, so a pop of colour doesn’t hurt.

Comment below to let us know what your capsule wardrobe looks like. Any items you can’t live without?

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