October is here, and Vegetarian Awareness Month – is a time where we can pause and think long and hard about our daily choices. What we consume and eat says a lot about our values. The meat and dairy industry continues to be cruel, environmentally damaging and not so good for our health. So many of you may already know all this but may be thinking: “but I love meat” or “how else do I get to add protein to my diet.” So many people always tell me, “I get all of that, I really do, but I can’t give up meat.” This post is for all of you – to help you out and give you simple steps towards a more responsible, ethical and sustainable lifestyle. After all, that’s what Vegetarian Awareness Month is all about.

Know your cause

First things first: know the cause, learn the facts and think deeply about the impact of your eating habits. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to give up or reduce meat and dairy. Once you become aware of the meat industry and the kinds of evil it’s capable of, you’ll find it much easier to wave goodbye to that burger.

You don’t have to go cold turkey (no pun intended)

If you’re an or nothing kinda person, then you may want to change things up when it comes to your meat consumption. Consuming less meat and dairy products can make a huge difference, so don’t think you have to transition into a vegan right away. I mean, if you can, then all the better. But for many people, the thought of giving it all up is a bit scary. So start out by having meat-free days, and work your way up to something sustainable for you.

Get cooking

One of the scariest things about going veggie or vegan is the misconception that you won’t be able to enjoy food the same way. I consider myself a foodie, and with my Iranian background, you may be thinking I’ve had to say goodbye to all my favourite dishes having gone vegan. But the truth is, the flavour of the best dishes are all because of herbs and spices. So make sure you learn all about the alternatives too! You’ll be surprised how delicious veggie burgers and vegan cakes can be.

Get on board with us this Vegetarian Awareness Month, and let’s save those innocent animals together.

Think about the positives

When the journey gets tough, think about the positive aspects of eating less meat. Think about the innocent animals that continue to live, think about the calories and dollars you save, think about the rich vitamin and fibre diet that you adopt, and think about how much more sustainable a veggie diet is for the planet.

This October, we’re going to talk about going vegetarian and raising awareness around animal cruelty, environmental sustainability and health issues by sharing various posts, resources and facts. So get on board with us this Vegetarian Awareness Month, and let’s save those innocent animals together. Also, don’t forget to share your simple tips for reducing meat and dairy this month.

What will you do to celebrate this month’s vegetarian awareness?

Happy Vegetarian Awareness Month, lovelies!