Being the only planet with life, Earth holds a great deal of importance in our lives. How we deal with the resources that have been bestowed upon us by Mother Nature helps determine the fate of life on this planet. Therefore, it is essential to raise awareness and gain knowledge about the consequences of our actions. Neglecting the environmental damage, we are causing due to our uncontrolled usage of petroleum products will only move us further away from healthy, sustainable and Renewable Energy for an eco-friendly environment and planet.

What does sustainability mean?

This may seem like one of those fancy words used during the meetings held at the United Nations. While that’s true, this word also has great significance in an ordinary person’s life. For starters, there are many definitions of sustainability, but it is about people and culture, the environment, jobs, money, cities, and countries. In other words, it’s something we all need to think about. Here are more definitions that will help emphasize the importance of this word.

1. Sustainability means the continuation and maintenance of diversity in the world.

2. Sustainability is about “taking what we need to live now, without jeopardizing the potential for people in the future to meet their needs.”

3. It means “living a life of dignity in harmony with nature.”

4. It refers to the “long-term view of how our actions affect future generations and make sure we don’t deplete resources or cause pollution faster than the earth can renew them.”

The way we live affects and will continue to affect the fate of the world and environment. The future of this planet depends on how we choose to treat the resources around us. In other words, living sustainably is living within the means of our natural systems and environment while ensuring that our lifestyle does not harm other people, societies and cultures.

To achieve sustainability and live sustainably, we need to use resources that can be re-generated with ease. This is where renewable energy comes into play.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy refers to forms of energy replenished by nature on a large scale, so much so that we as humans do not have to extract anything from them. Most renewable energy comes directly or indirectly from the sun; solar energy can be used for heating and lighting homes and other spaces. It can also be used for generating electricity, solar cooling and a series of commercial and industrial purposes. They are forces of nature that can be harnessed to fulfill the rising energy and electricity demands in today’s world. All we have to do is set up special energy transducers were needed to utilize the vast amount of energy that is provided to us by Mother Nature. Click here to learn more.

It’s vital to the survival of this planet that we come up with plausible solutions to the energy crises we are facing. One of the ways towards this is the usage of renewable energy, but let’s discuss some of the benefits to better understand its significance. Firstly, renewable energy technologies have a lower impact on the environment because they are clean sources of energy. Conventional energy technologies, such as fossil fuels, harm the environment and cause air and water pollution. Secondly, renewable energy will never run out, and finally, most renewable energy sources produce minimal global warming emissions.

By bridging the gap between renewable energy and the state of sustainability, we are making our own lives healthier and more eco-friendly and leaving a healthier planet for generations to come.

Be part of the conversation. Be part of the change. Do your part to keep the environment and planet healthy and sustainable.