Ever heard of Meatless Monday? It’s all in the name: you give up your meat every Monday to improve your health, reduce your ecological footprint, and even save a bit of money. Some of us are contemplating going veggie or maybe even vegan. By starting our week with no meat, we can set the tone for the rest of the week and slowly transition into a healthier, ethical and more sustainable lifestyle.


Whether you’re seriously thinking of going full-out vegetarian or are just starting to think about eating less meat, Meatless Monday is a great way to start thinking about your meat consumption. But, while we’re on the topic, let’s start talking about the benefits of a vegetarian and meatless diet.

  • Do it for a Healthier you. One of the significant benefits of giving up or reducing meat is health reasons. Going veggie reduces your risk of illness, cancer, diabetes and obesity.
  • Do it for the animals. There are many ways for us to get the nutrients we need. There really is no need to harm innocent animals, and for what reason? We’re much better off without meat and dairy.
  • Do it for our home – the planet. Eating meat is NOT sustainable for the world. Producing it uses far too much water and other resources. Also, meat production produces greenhouse gases that aren’t good for the planet or our health.
  • Do it to save money. Think about your wallet. There are more affordable and healthier options like legumes, veggies and nuts.

It doesn’t matter from what angle we look at it: going veggie is beneficial for our health and the environment and makes us more mindful of animal rights. By eating less of it, we reduce the risk of cancer and even lose weight. In addition, to really go ‘green’ and reduce our ecological footprint, we all need to become aware of our meat consumption and reduce it.

The BIG Veggie Myth

Many people think going veggie means food that tastes bland or isn’t ever filling – doesn’t contain enough protein or too much hassle to make. The truth is, these are all false. Some of the best dishes out there are veggie and vegan. Think about it, chicken doesn’t taste good because it’s chicken – it’s all about the spices, herbs and flavours. Well, the same goes for vegetarian dishes.

What About Protein?

The benefits of protein are endless. No doubt. They’re the main building blocks for the body, helping it develop and produce enzymes. But a common misconception is that vegetarian food doesn’t have enough protein. We’ve written about this before and have six super easy, protein-rich veggie recipes to share with you for your Meatless Monday.

If you’re not ready to go full-out vegetarian now (or ever), Meatless Monday is a great way to minimize your meat intake. Maybe you’ll add a few more days where you stick to a veggie diet – and perhaps a day where you avoid dairy. There are simple ways to get started and leave a more positive impact.

Do let us know what you think of our recipes. Also, don’t forget to comment below to share your favourite ones with us.

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Happy Meatless Monday, Everyone!