There is so much to explore when it comes to yoga poses for beginners. If you’re entirely new to yoga, then worry not.

Benefits of Yoga

A yoga routine can really benefit any lifestyle or fitness level. One of the best things about the practice is how it helps you connect with your mind and body through poses and breathing exercises. As time passes, you begin to see your body transform. Poses you could never do suddenly become possible.

Yoga is about the union between the mind, body, and soul, and it invites us to move our bodies with mindfulness and compassion. It’s about honouring our breathing, engaging our core, giving some love to our spine and becoming more aware of our body and how it connects to the rest of us. What we practice on the mat, we then take with us to our daily life, trying to stay connected to ourselves and those around us.

When it comes to yoga, there are also fitness and physical benefits. If you’re already into intense exercise, good practice can help you with recovery and flexibility. But the training alone can improve posture and increase strength all over the body. So it doesn’t matter what kind of fitness you have or what your level is; you’ll undoubtedly benefit from a yoga routine.

There are so many benefits to developing a yoga routine. Check out our previous blog to learn more about yoga and how the practice can train us to be more perceptive, mindful and present.

Yoga Poses for Beginners

There are many types of yoga routines, and each has its purpose and benefit. That said, some poses appear and overlap in many of these practices. These poses are great for any beginner trying to get into yoga. Some include:

  • Mountain Pose
  • Standing Forward Bend
  • Warrior I
  • Warrior II
  • Triangle Pose
  • Child’s Pose

If some of these names mean nothing to you, don’t worry! To be honest, these poses alone don’t really do much anyway. Yoga is a sequence, and that means the way the body transitions between these postures and movements are such a big part of its beauty and magic. It’s also important to breathe with awareness into these postures.

If you’re looking to get the basics down and give your body all the love it deserves, check out the yoga for beginners by Yoga With Adriene. This will be the best place for you to bring these poses on the mat and see how they work.

Tips to Help You Get Started

Starting something new can seem scary at first. But the best part of yoga is that it’s for everyone! You’ll benefit from a routine no matter what you’re looking for. So here are some simple tips to help you get started:

  • Don’t judge yourself. Yoga is about love and compassion. Get on the mat with no expectations or judgment. Just enjoy the ride.
  • Don’t push yourself too much. The practice of yoga isn’t about the ego. Take it step by step, and ease into it. You don’t want to injure your body. Yoga is much more than complicated poses. It’s all about the journey.
  • The best yoga poses for beginners are the ones that make you feel good! If it doesn’t feel good, then it probably isn’t
  • Do a little every day. Stay consistent and carve out time to make sure you’re improving your practice.
  • Try different types of yoga to see what suits you best. There is a whole world out there.

There you are: simple tips and yoga poses for beginners to help you get started! While you’re here, why not check out our guide to the best ethical activewear?

Yoga Poses for Beginners: Simple Tips to Help you Get Started
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Yoga Poses for Beginners: Simple Tips to Help you Get Started
When it comes to yoga poses for beginners there is so much to explore. If you’re completely new to the world of yoga, then read on. 
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