With summer well on its way, what better time to get started on our workout routine? And this time around, we’re going green with Eco-friendly workouts. So, are you ready for a way that’s intense and connects you with nature, increases your heartbeat, and frankly kicks your butt? At Living Life Natural Blog, we try to reduce the environmental impact of our exercise routine, and we’re here to share our ideas with you.

A lot of the time, the old fashion ways work best. This applies to your workout routine too. Who said we need heavy and fancy machines to get fit? Start working out at home. Don’t underestimate the power of your body. Whether you’re into yoga or strength training, remember that you can do lots with your own body weight. Gym membership bills are costly and don’t do any good for the environment. All you need is a wall, a floor, and a chair – and if those don’t cut it, get some weights from the store, and you’ll have your own gym. High-intensity workouts do wonders, so get started on jump training and simple weight lifting exercises. Don’t forget to use your own bodyweight to get you strong and toned – push-ups, planks, squats, and lunges are among the many. Check these bodyweight exercises if you run out of ideas.

Don’t neglect the outdoors. One of the best things about working out clears your mind. Step outside to reduce your environmental impact while you burn away the unwanted fat. Running, walking, swimming and cycling are great ways to get in your cardio and the best of Eco-friendly workouts. You can even begin to switch your car rides to walk to your destination. And if walking takes too long, get a bike. After all, becoming fit is about dedication and consistency. Signing up for a gym doesn’t get you there any faster. Activities such as hiking, running, swimming and dancing have always been the best workout routines. So leave the gym this summer and use the opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Don’t forget that a green workout is also about your mindset – a way of living that considers the well-being of the environment. So, don’t forget the little things: make sure your water bottle is reusable. Recycle your runners and minimize your shopping. Use towels that are made from organic cotton or bamboo.

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